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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Myra Diggins- Quietly(?) Intense

There are some players who impress people because they always play hard. Myra has always been one of those players. Because of injuries last year, she moved up and played big minutes on the varsity. She surprised everyone by how much energy she brought to the varsity. Her intensity is contagious. 

She is too short to be a post player but has had games with  over 10 rebounds this year. Myra is one of those players is simply determined to succeed. Her effort and her disposition make her a favorite among her teammates. 

When did you first get involved playing basketball?
I think when I was 5

As you have been playing basketball, who in your family coached you the most and helped you develop your game?
I would say Grandma Emma!

On the outside you seem emotional-less as you are playing. You mind your own business and just concentrate on your job. On the inside, do you ever get mad? What makes you mad when you play?Yes I do get mad. and I get mad when we start to lose.

You pretend to be quiet but at the Bulls game, when they put the noise meter up, you became very loud. When you get away from school, which are you-- quiet or loud?

A couple of your aunts played at GHS and some of your cousins-- so Grandma Emma has been in the stands at our games off and on for 30 years. Do you hear her during games? How would you descirbe her yelling at you- positive and encouraging, or being tough and telling you to get going?Yes but I try to block her out during the games even though she ends up getting into my head! Haha, but I would say her yelling would be positive.

Of your family members who played at GHS, who did you actually get to see play? Are there any who standout as being your idol when you were little?
I would say Shanell Jackson.
Myra has had several cousins who have been successful on the varsity level. Her aunts, Madilyn and Lara Jackson were key players for the Streaks in the 1980's. And her cousin Shanell was a star on the 2000 team that went to State.

What has been your favorite class at GHS?
Dance class with Coach Clay.
It is interesting that she chose not to participate in the Christmas Party dance challenge. I guess Coach Rux and my dance moves were somewhat intimidating!

Last year you came up and played on the varsity at the end of the year. Was that more exciting or more stressful for you?
Stressful because I was scared I was going to mess up a play or something.
She certainly did not mess up. Her aggressiveness was a real plus for us last year, and has continued to be this year.

Are we doing better than you thought we would this year, about how you thought we would do, or worse than you thought we would?
I think we're doing well this year.

What game this year are you the most proud of? What game was the most disappointing?
Any game that I get at least 3 off.rebounds and at least 2 points then yeahh!!

Of all the things you have gotten to do in the summer with the girls basketball team, what was your favorite?
Going to Tennessee with them!

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