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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lombard vs. Churchill- Exciting Night

Tonight was the Lombard vs. Churchill game.

Churchill won the 7th grade game by a wide margin. Churchill 7th graders remain undefeated on the season.

In the 8th grade game, Lombard and Churchill battled down to the wire. Churchill prevailed in the end to win by about 4-5 points, but the game was anyones with two minutes to go.

As a varsity coach, it is exciting to see the enthusiasm and intensity shown by the 7th graders on both teams. That effort will help them become successful high school players.

On the 8th grade level, it is ALWAYS exciting to see how much some of the girls have improved from 7th to 8th grade year. That was sure the case tonight. Both Churchill and Lombard 8th grade teams have some girls who have worked hard on their games and have improved dramatically. It will certainly be exciting to get them to the high school next year.

In fact, it will be exciting to get them playing summer ball with us this summer.

Go Streaks!!

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