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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Senior Week- Sadee Hamilton

Sadee Hamilton is a 5’9” senior post player for the Streaks. She has been a big contributor on the varsity the last three years.

Sadee has the unique ability to play inside and be physical or step outside and become a ball handler and three point threat. She is our leading rebounder this year, and is number 2 in assists on our team. Although she plays a post position, she is like having a second point guard on the floor.

I have also had the pleasure of having Sadee in the classroom. She is an excellent student who works hard to reach her goals as a student. She is dedicated academically and willing to do the extra in the classroom.

Under Sadee’s soft-spoken demeanor rests a competitive fire. When the games are the toughest, Sadee is ready to step up. Numerous times she has made the big shot, gotten the big rebound, and made the important steal. Her competitiveness has made Sadee an extremely valuable player.

When did you first playing organized basketball? Who was your coach, and who were teammates? 
I started on a YMCA team in first grade on a team of mostly boys.

Before you got to the varsity level, what were some of your most exciting basketball moments?
Winning the Western Big 6 as a freshman.

Obviously you have had to work hard, invest a lot of time, and put in a lot of energy to be as successful as you have been on the varsity level. As you look back, who were people who inspired you to become a good basketball player?
Previous coaches and family.

Was there a time in your career that something happened or someone said something that got you fired up about basketball?
I've always been excited about basketball, there wasn't one specific incident that got me fired up about it.

Were there any older players who you looked up to and were an inspiration for you?
Watching all the high school girls play when I was younger really motivated me to stay focused and keep working hard.

What has surprised you the most about this year?
The fact that we got to play for a conference championship, and that we beat some very good teams that we lost to last year.

Is there a teammate this year who surprised you by being better than you expected?
Casey has surprised me by how much she has improved throughout the season. 

Favorite memory from this season?
Winning the championship in Charleston.

Favorite class this year?
Anatomy & Physiology

All-time favorite teacher?
Mrs. Murdock 

If you got a $5000 gift for graduation to travel wherever you wanted, where would you?

What are your plans for next year? Do you have career goals?
Attend college, my career goal is to become a pharmacist.

Do you want to give a thank you to any family members?
Thank you to all my family for always being supportive and cheering me on.

What do you hope teammates will say about you?
I hope they'll say I was hard-working and an all around team player. 

What do you hope fans will say about our team?
That we played well together and they enjoyed watching us play.

Advice you have for jh and fs age players?
Work hard and stay focused.

Any superstitions?

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