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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Senior Week- Teammates Talk About the Seniors

We have had some great senior classes, and this year is no exception. Paige, Sadee, and Myra have given so much to our basketball program. To quote Allison Mangieri- “Each one CARES about the team and always come to play.”

Any memories from first meeting our seniors?

Jessica Lieber- I remember playing Junior Streaks bball with Sadee and Paige, Sadee was always the one we would always be scared of because she was so good just like she still is. I don’t really remember alot about playing with Paige or Myra but I remember Streaks Camps every year with all 3 of them.

Allison Mangieri- I first met Sadee in junior high and I thought she was very nice and worked hard at basketball. My thoughts are the same to this day!
I never knew Myra till I got to high school and I saw how she was always smiling and laughing- typical Myra.  Paige and I just became really close this season and I'm glad we did. I love her! :)

Marisa Miller- I remember meeting Sadee a looonnng time ago at Railroad Days because our moms knew each other from something.

Hannah Smith- When I first met Paige and Sadee last year for the state tourney they were both nice to me. I remember the first time Sadee said hi to me. It was awesome and I felt so cool. I already knew Myra from Tai and church stuff. 

Chloe Anderson- Myra bit me during YMCA basketball.

Casey Williams- Well I have known Paige since I was really young so she’s kind of like a sister to me.

Dani Teel- I remember playing basketball with Sadee in third grade...that was one of the best teams I have ever been on still!
Whenever I see Myra I can't help but to smile, she constantly makes my day.  
Paige and I have a locker next to each other and I love joking around with her, I wish I would have been closer to her before this season.

This season, has there been any performance by them that you think was most impressive?

Jessica Lieber- Honestly every game with them is impressive but I would have to say the game that was one of Paige’s first times playing the 2 and she came in and made like 4 or 5 threes in a a row and couldn’t miss.  Myra is always impressive how she gets all those rebounds even if the other post players are taller than her and the game at Rocky when they left Myra open cuz they didn’t think she would shoot then she made two 3s in a row.  Sadee is always impressive, she feels like another point guard out there with me sometimes, she can do anything!

Allison Mangieri- Myra always gives the same, great effort every game so the team can always count on her.
I always have faith in Sadee when she's at the free throw line because majority of the time she makes her free throws!
Paige has been a 1, 2, and 3 for the team this year and has done great at all positions. It's always exciting when Paige hits her shots because they are good, smart shots.

Marisa Miller- Myra and Sadee do amazing plays on the boards and Paige shoots great shots

Hannah Smith- I think Myra has had many impressive performances this year. She always seems to get good rebounds and put backs in almost every game. Paige had impressive performances at Charleston and Sadee had some great games throughout the whole season. 

Chloe- I don't remember specific games but Sadee comes to mind for her drives to the basket, Myra for her strength under the basket, and Paige for her composed dribbling and consistency.  

Casey Williams- Playing in the same position as Sadee, I notice how well she plays it with a lot of blocks, rebounds, and points so I hope I become just as good as her!

Rainee Sibley- Paige had her wrist surgery this past summer and it was not only encouraging to watch her do every thing in her power to recover and stay healthy while she wasnt able to play but she inspired me and showed me no matter the situation, not to give up and work hard. Although she couldn't do much for a while she stayed in the gym and showed me and the rest of the team that she cared and wanted to be there.

Dani Teel- Sadee impresses me every game, especially after she came back from being injured with her knee.   In games where everyone else seems to be slow, Myra brings our team up and gives us all energy.  I always get really pumped up after Paige makes 3s, the second moline game is when she impressed me the most.

What trait to do they possess you admire and feel has made our team successful?

Jessica Lieber- Paige is a good leader on our team and always plays with a positive attitude and always works hard and it rubs off on all of us, Myra
just like coach said one time, she will always give 100% all the time which rubs off alot, and Myra can make anyone laugh, Sadee always plays hard and tries her best.

Allison Mangieri- Each one CARES about the team and always come to play.

Marisa Miller- they all have shown hard work.

Hannah Smith- Paige always knows what to say in the locker room at half time or before a tough game. She always seems to brighten people's day. Myra always has us laughing and smiling with her. They are both very outgoing and up lifting. Sadee is very quiet but she always knows what to say and when to say it. 

Chloe Anderson- Sadee:poised nature,  Myra: consistency,   Paige: enthusiasm

Casey Williams- They all stay positive with everyone and none of them give up at any point in any game.

Rainee Sibley- All three of them are fun to be around but know when it's time to be serious

Dani Teel- Sadee is our go getter, she is always trying our hardest in games and reminds us how hard we always need to play.  As I said before Myra gives us energy in every game!!! Paige gives great pre-game talks and half time talks, after she talks I tend to mentally prepare more!

Tell us which you rate the best at the following:

Jessica Lieber- I would have to say Sadee would be the best cook, I don’t know if I would trust Myra or Paige with my food, Paige can tell some funny jokes and her and Myra always make us laugh, Paige would probably be, she likes to go fast lol, Myra has worst temper, she got mad in the UT game at home and got a technical for tackling a girl, Paige would probably sky dive, she seems like the dare devil, Myra and Paige both text a lot, but Paige texts faster.

Allison Mangieri
- best cook?   Paige--she made me a delicious birthday cake this year
- tells best jokes?   Paige--she's good at pickup lines........
- worst driver?  I've only been in the car with Paige and Sadee and they're both decent drivers soooo im going to say Myra!
- worst temper?  Paige--she doesn't care if people know she is upset, she will speak her mind haha
- most likely to be skydiver?  Sadee-- expect the unexpected ;)
- spends most time texting?  Mrya--that girl is always on her phone
- fastest texter?  hmmm, i dont know.. probably Sadee because she has a real fancy phone!

Hannah Smith-
- tells best jokes? Myra always has me cracking up with her jokes. 
- worst driver? Well I have only been in paiges car so I would have to say Paige 
- worst temper? Myra but that's only because I know what makes her mad. 
- most likely to be skydiver?Sadee. I think sooner or later she will come out of her quiet shell and just do something crazy. Like skydiving. 
- spends most time texting? I see all 3 of them on their phones a lot. But I don't know if they are texting or not. 
- fastest texter? I would bet Myra.

Chloe Anderson
- best cook?  Sadee-  always has good food for team dinner, so since none of our seniors really cook, I imagine she would be the best
- tells best jokes? Paige- if she tells a joke it doesn't make sense so you have to laugh
- worst driver?  Paige- she probably drives the fastest
- worst temper?  Paige-  not with the team, but I would't want to get on her bad side!
- most likely to be skydiver?  Myra- up for anything 
- spends most time texting?  Myra- always either on her phone or looking for it!
- fastest texter?  they're all about equal

Casey Williams
- best cook? I never have seen any of them cook so i wouldnt know!
- tells best jokes? Probley Myra or Paige, both of them make me laugh.
- worst driver? Myra, because before practice one day I was in the Jessica's car and Myra parked us half way in the parking spot and half way in the grass!
- worst temper? I dont know.
- most likely to be skydiver? Paige, i can just see her doing it.
- spends most time texting?None of them really. 
- fastest texter? I dont know.

Rainee Sibley
- best cook? PAIGE!: we cook all the time before practices and games:)
- tells best jokes?Myra: there hasnt been one time ive been around her and not laughed.
- worst driver? Myra: Uhmm idk why... shes just so goofy.. i cant imagine her behind the wheel.
- worst temper?Myra: She's always slapping sharron in practice.
- most likely to be skydiver? Paige: She's just got a wild care free spirit sometimes.:)
- spends most time texting? Myra: SHES JUST SOO POPULAR:) i think she has 3 cellphones.
- fastest texter? Hmm.. i'm not sure... ive seen sadee go.. she's pretty quick with those fingers.

Dani Teel
Myra-best cook  Myra-best jokes  Myra-worst temper  Sadee-most likely to go skydiving Paige-most time texting Myra-fastest texter

Our team would not be where it is if not for-

Jessica Lieber- Myra-.our team would not be the same without her always smiling and coming to practice and games ready to play.  Sadee- this team would not be the same without her giving us strength that she can do anything on the court.  Paige- we would not be where we are if we didn’t have Paige who is a great leader and always works hard and is ready to play.

Allison Mangieri-
Myra- She has the ability to bring a warm and fun environment to practice, but gets down to bussiness.
Sadee-  Her aggressiveness is outstanding and she inspires me to work hard when practicing my free throws.
Paige_  She shows great leadership and is confident on the court which is a good thing to be when you're shooting three's.

Marisa Miller- All of them. They are great role models and have great effort.

Hannah Smith-
Myra- and her outgoing personality And trust in the team. 
Sadee- and her hard working in every practice and game. 
Paige_ and her bubbly personality and great sense of humor and leadership. 

Chloe Anderson-
Myra- knocking girls around boxing them out
Sadee- rebounding and looking for the drive or kick-out
Paige- hitting her threes and being strong with the ball

Casey Williams- Myra- because she does a lot of are rebounding and keeping the other team from 2 chance shots. She also is strong under the basket scoring lay ups.
Sadee-because she gets the other team to turn over the ball alot, can easily drive to the basket, and can draw fouls resulting in free throws which she makes mostly all of them.
Paige- because she is one of our best 3 point shooters and she can handle the ball well.

Dani Teel- Myra's happy face everyday, Paige's personality and Sadee's hard work

Any messages to the seniors?

Jessica Lieber- Just wanna say it is amazing playing basketball with u guys and you will truly be missed alot! goodluck in college:)

Allison Mangieri- I have really enjoyed playing with these three girls. Not only have I become close to them, I've learned to be a team player and practice hard with the help of their everyday actions on and off the court. 

Hannah Smith- I would just say keep doing what theyre doing. It's got them in a pretty good place so far. And I'm gonna miss them next season. Best of luck in their future plans. (: 

Chloe Anderson
Myra- I'm going to miss you so much! Who will be my DJ in the car or lead me to where ever we need to go?  I will never forget all the times we've spent together throughout summer season and regular season.  You're the sister I always wanted to talk to and beat up on my brothers with.
             Sadee-  You've been a great leader throughout your basketball career.  You're a good person to room with and you lead our team with your attitude.  One of my favorite memories was trying to decontaminate our hotel room with the iron in the closet and laughing about the stains on our pillows.  I will miss you next year!
                  Paige-  You can always make me laugh!  You always come to the locker room with some funny story or incident to tell us about.  Before games, your enthusiasm is contagious and you always help to get the team pumped up and ready to play.  We can count on you to have a smile on your face and something nice to say, but we can count on you for your truthfulness too. You'll be missed!

Casey Williams- I hope they all get to a good college, but i hope one of them goes to play basketball in college because they are all very good.

Rainee Sibley- Well I must say love themmm alllll:) Things will be so different next year without the three of them. They all are great leaders, athletes and friends. I'm not so sure what I would have done without Paige this season. She’s seriously an amazing person. I'm so thankful to have gotten to spend so much time with her off the court and out of the gym. She pushes me to better myself as an athlete and as a person too. She’s done soooo much for me and I’ll be forever grateful for all her and her mom, (Aunt Suzy) have done for me. She’s someone I know I can count on and trust with anything. Like many people, she's been through so much but unlike those many, she took those hard times and chose to rise above them and push herself to be better in all that she does. love you Paige!

Dani Teel- I am very happy to have gotten closer to all three seniors this year.  :) thanks for making my first year on varsity memorable! 

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  1. Really neat you did this, Evan. It is easy to see from this why your team is so good: great chemistry.