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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Senior Week- Myra Diggins

This is “Senior Week” for us, with our last regular season home game being played on Thursday vs. Washington. We have three seniors- Myra Diggins, Sadee Hamilton, and Paige Klinck. All three have been important to our success.

Myra at 5’6” has been a force for us the last two years. She is an active, aggressive defender at the front of our defense, and she has been very active on the boards. Myra’s constant energy will be greatly missed.

Before you got to the varsity level, what were some of your most exciting basketball moments?
Fouling out like every game during my 9th grade years

Obviously you have had to work hard, invest a lot of time, and put in a lot of energy to be as successful as you have been on the varsity level. As you look back, who were people who inspired you to become a good basketball player?
Tai Peachey, and my Grandma

Was there a time in your career that something happened or someone said something that got you fired up about basketball?
Just the letters or the little notes that Tai would put in my locker before like a big game or something.

Were there any older players who you looked up to and were an inspiration for you?
I would say the seniors from last year.

What has surprised you the most about this year?
That we play as a team.

Is there a teammate this year who surprised you by being better than you expected?
Casey! not in bad way though.

Favorite memory from this season?
Any games that we win by like a couple of points!..

Favorite class this year?
Sociology when we watch Law&Order(:

All-time favorite teacher?
three-way tie Ms.Clay Mr.Houston and Massey

If you got a $5000 gift for graduation to travel wherever you wanted, where would you?
Anywhere!!....Far away from Sharron!!!

What are you plans for next year? Do you have career goals?
i want to go to Monmouth and throw. My goals will to be stay in college and major in early education, and be a kindergarten teacher!

Do you want to give a thank you to any family members?
Grandma Emma Sargent, and the rest of the family for everything.

What do you hope teammates will say about you?
That I was a great leader and they will miss me(:

What do you hope fans will say about our team?
That I improved alot

Advice you have for jh and fs age players?
Work hard, don’t goof off in school!

Any superstitions?
Yes,  before every game I lick Paige and Chloe's thumb..haha

Anything you want to say to your teammates?
 I will miss you guys(: But not Sharron

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