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Monday, February 6, 2012

Paige Klinck- Senior Week

Paige Klinck has been a valuable, regular on the varsity the last three years. As a sophomore, she was minding her own business, playing on the soph team- when late in the year she was yanked to the varsity and moved into the rotation as a regular point guard. That is a pretty daunting thing for any soph to have to do- let alone doing it in the middle of the year and doing it at the point guard position. Paige not only handled it, she allowed us to be successful. Since that time Paige has played wherever we have needed her.

This past spring she had to have surgery on her wrist that prevented her from being able shoot, dribble, or play basketball. But I am convinced we are probably where we are this season because of Paige’s off-season contribution. Paige never missed any days of lifting, shooting, camps, leagues, or tourneys. She never complained, she did what she could. And the big thing she could do was provide an example to our younger players who were on the varsity. Her commitment to be at everything showed an unselfishness and dedication. Our teams approach to this season has been a reflection of what Paige showed this summer. Thanks Paige!!

When did you first playing organized basketball? Who was your coach, and who were temmates? Any specific memories?
I first started playing basketball when I was in the fourth grade for the Galesburg Junior Streaks. My coach was Billy and Kim Ryan (Baylie Boyers parents). On our team we had roughly 16 different girls, and what blows my mind the most is that Sadee and I are the only ones that are still playing our Senior year. I can’t say I remember specific memories, but one thing that sticks out the most is that every tournament we were in, we took first! J (well almost every tournament)

Before you got to the varsity level, what were some of your most exciting basketball moments?
Playing with the girls that I got to play with growing up before we got into high school, was just a blast. We all got along, spent a lot of time together, and just loved playing basketball.

Obviously you have had to work hard, invest a lot of time, and put in a lot of energy to be as successful as you have been on the varsity level. As you look back, who were people who inspired you to become a good basketball player?
Looking back on my four years in high school, I have invested A LOT of time in basketball, and yes Coach Massey some times I was not happy with waking up early to go into a hot gym during the summers, when I could be sleeping in or going to swim with friends. My grandfather inspired me the most; he was always someone who made me stick to my guns. He always had the most criticism for me and the most positive feed back. He made me really look at basketball with a new set of eyes.

Was there a time in your career that something happened or someone said something that got you fired up about basketball?
When I was a freshman, I was playing for Coach Rux on the sophomore basketball team and over Christmas break I found out my mom had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. That same day I found out I had a basketball game, I scored the most points I ever had that game, and found the energy not to sit out for a minute. Coach Rux knew not to take me out or I would loose it. I’ve never been so fired up about playing in a basketball game, than that game that night.

Were there any older players who you looked up to and were an inspiration for you?
I have to say that Jessica Howard has been my inspiration. And not only in the basketball world. When Jess sets her mind to something she gives it 110% and you know what to expect from her every day. She goes the extra mile in everything she does, and that’s inspiration enough. Because of basketball I gained not only an inspiration but a girl I call one of my best friends, and I met her through basketball, so thanks Coach Massey! HahJ

What has surprised you the most about this year?
EVERYTHING. Losing the seniors that we did last year, it could be easy for anyone to assume that this year would be a rebuilding year for us, including myself. What surprised me the most was that the girls on this team ignored all of the talk of such occurrence, and said its time to prove these people wrong. And right now we are in the process of doing so, I wouldn’t change this group of girls for anyone for my senior year.

Is there a teammate this year who surprised you by being better than you expected?
Casey Williams, I have known this girl her whole life, but never really have gotten to see the basketball side of her. WOW! Its an honor to be able to play with her. She’s only a freshman and she takes on the role as a leader on and off the court already. I can’t thank her enough for going above and beyond what is expected of her from this program. Going into every game I know that Casey Williams will give the same effort every single time, and that effort is 110%. Watch out Galesburg, Casey Williams is just getting started!

Favorite memory from this season?
We may look like hard core, un human, defensive monster machines, but what you don’t know about our team is that we are a very very musical bunch. Before our Centinneal game we were at Knox and I started to bounce the ball on the ground and it made an echo every time I bounced it, and slowly each girl starts there own beat and shortly after we had made a very upbeat musical. We now all dance and sing together when we can, the laughs go on and on in this group, and as most of you know, I LOVE to laugh!

Favorite class this year?
So far I am in Anatomy and Physiology class with Mr. Peachy. I know that it is going to be a very demanding class, but Mr. Peachy makes it such a fun and interesting class.

All-time favorite teacher?
I feel obligated to say you, Coach Massey since I didn’t pick one of your classes as my favorite. HA!
If it was not for her sarcasm, I would be bumping her grade up.

If you got a $5000 gift for graduation to travel wherever you wanted, where would you?
I would go to Hawaii, beautiful beaches, not too crowded, relaxing atmosphere. So yes, Coach Massey that would be a great gift.

What are your plans for next year? Do you have career goals?
My plans for next year are to go to Cape Cod Massachusetts, and further my education to pursue my career as a Nurse Anesthetist.

Do you want to give a special shout out?
I want to thank my mom, she hasn’t missed a single game even through her sickness, and she has always been my number one fan! I know that I will always have my mom to go to for anything. I can’t thank her enough.

What do you hope teammates will say about you?
I hope my teammates will say that I am a good team leader, positive on and off the court, a good friend, and hold lots of energy!

What do you hope fans will say about you?
I hope the fans see that I am a positive person as well, I have good energy, I give 110% when I am on the court.

Advice you have for jh and fs age players?
Do not wish away the years, they go by way to fast, and I wish I was back in their shoes again. Give 100% in games, practice, and to your teammates and coaches. Never skip out on anything, stay positive, and take full advantage of what is given to you in this program.
Any superstitions?
Do I have any superstitions!? Yes I do! I Will just say some of them, during prayer Myra has to lick my thumb with hand sanitizer on it (I know weird) Rainee and I must do our handshake, we all have to pass on a saying (Cant say what it is). There is a few of my many superstitions.

Anything you want to say to your teammates?
THANK YOU! There is not enough words to describe how thank full I am for all of my teammates. You all have made my senior year one I will never forget, and I wouldn’t want to end my high school basketball career with anyone else for a team. These girls are like my sisters, I would do anything for them. So thank you so much for everything you have done on and off of the basketball court. I will be back next year to watch you guys tear up the basketball court once again! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you guys are the best group of girls ever!!!:)

Myra and Sadee: We are the lone three seniors and I can’t think of anyone else I would want to walk out on senior night with, play our last couple games with, and end our season with. Thanks so much for all of the memories and keep in touch in what you do in the future! Im sure I will see you two soon, when we are all back watching the Streaks play next year! Love you guys!

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