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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kevin Eastman- "The Process"

Understand the Process

As college basketball gets into full swing, one truth exists for all teams: no team will stay the same as the year goes on.
That means some will get better and some won’t. Whether a team improves will depend how players approach the “process.” Improvement is a process; success is a process; becoming the best is a process.
The outcome is based on the mindset the players have as they approach the process. Some will give in to fatigue and boredom through the course of a long season. Others will believe in the power of the process and almost have a team mantra that they will “never get bored with the process.” These are the teams that will put themselves in a position to be successful.
Three things about success: (1) it does not exist in a vacuum…championship teams believe in teamwork (2) it takes time and (3) it’s hard!
Play “as” a team and “through” the team.
Be mentally prepared to grind your success out.
Get past hard.
Let the process begin!

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