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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kevin Eastman- Best Teams Have...

Best teams have all their players executing their roles, and pulling their weight.
Best teams have all their players doing what is needed, when it is needed.
Kevin Eastman- Boston Celtics

On successful teams, each player knows what they have to contibute and what they NEED to contribute. The team's success is dependent on each player fulfilling their roles. Some roles like be a defensive stopper is harder to statistically measure, while other roles like being a force on the boads is easier to measure.

How does an individual player know if they are doing what is needed, when it is needed? There are different measures of this, but one measure is to see how some of your stats for a particular game compare to your season averages.

If you are normally with pressure forcing 5 turnovers per game and in a "big game" you only force 1, you have not fulfilled the role your team needs from you. Last night vs. Moline, we had key rebounders, scorers, and steal people well below their season averages.

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