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Monday, November 22, 2010

Alums Back

Thursday we had a special surprise as Molly Fordyce (Watson), her mother, and her two children came to practice. It was certainly fun to see her. She got as much of a workout in Thiel following her son around the gym as she did as a player. We had her speak to the team. It is unusual in that our players were not even in school when Molly played. She spoke about importance of enjoying relationships with teammates and being a role model. Her message was inspiring and well received because of the tremendous humility Molly always exhibits. Her husband was unable to come to Galesburg because he was busy taking care of setting up Yankee Stadium for tickets for the Notre Dame football game. He was the ND rep responsible for getting it all organized.

Then after Saturdays game got to talk to two of our alums at Knox- Stef Baker and Kelly Ricketts. We exchanged insults. I must admit that Stef got in the best shot. She had read the blog where a player said that I was too old to go on facebook. Stef said that was not true,"My grandmother is on facebook, but then she isn't as old as you Coach Massey." Good to see that the Knox education is sharping up Stef's mind.

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