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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Welcome to Massey Basketball blog. I don't know alot about blogging, tweeting, or websites. As a coach, I wanted a way to share information about my basketball interests. After some reserach, I felt that a blog might be the simplest and most effective way for me to share information.

Forgive the title of the blog, "Massey Basketball." Using my name perhaps comes across as arrogant. The reason for choosing the name "Massey Basketball", is to make sure people understand this is not an "official blog" of Galesburg Hiigh School, District #205, or Streaks basketball. It is my hope to have this blog deal with a variety of topics. Obviously Streaks basketball is one of my interests and I hope to have information for fans of Streaks basketball. But it is my hope to include information about a variety of topics including:
* Camp information for the Massey-Purlee Shooting Camps
* Referral to information for coaches regarding "The System" style of basketball.
* Information regarding books, clinics, and tapes for coaches.
* Interviews with successful coaches.
* Interviews with GHS alums.

I don't know what I am getting into, but for now I plan to keep it simple. I hope there are somethings that you will find that will help you enjoy the sport of basketball. Thanks.

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