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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Howard Goes Over 1,000

Jessica Howard scored 17 points tonight to become the 13th players in GHS girls basketball to go over 1,000 points for her career. She presently rests with 1,006 points. She has been on the varsity all 4 years of her career at Galesburg. All-time career points at GHS are:
1- Sarah Larson       1,906
2- Tiffany Sibley     1,806
3- Megan Pacheco   1,445
4- Molly Watson      1,430
5- Brenna Saline      1,414
6- Sarah Pacheco     1,260
7- Stefanie Mitchell  1,135
8- Debbie Roberts    1,090
9- Ann Henderson    1,080
10- Taylor Young     1,014
11- Shannon Johnson 1,012
12- LaToya Wright    1,010
13- Jessica Howard   1,006

Jessica has certainly had an outstanding career at GHS. We have had many girls at GHS who worked hard and were committed to the basketball program. Jessica is one of the hardest workers and most committed players we have had. I am confident with the amount of time she has invested shooting in the off-season that no one has shot more in Thiel Gym. Her success is no accident, she has spent hours working to become a great basketball player. Congratulations to Jessica. The good news is that she still has a lot of games left to play for the Streaks!!

Jessica is certainly a great representative of Galesburg as an athlete, student, and citizen. We really have a very good group this year that is lead by an outstanding group of seniors.

Video of Jessica's 1,000th point can be seen by going to the home page of

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