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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More On Brenna Saline

Missouri Western went 1-1 at the Quincy University Tourney. The highlight was that Brenna got a double-double. Her success this season rebounding is a great example of the spirit Brenna has always had for basketball. As talented as she was, she always remained so coachable. When I asked Brenna about her new found rebounding stats early this winter, I thought she was going to mention something about her hops. But she simply said that rebounding was an area the team had trouble. I think Brenna saw this as an area to focus on-- and there you go--- a double double. I am really, really happy to see Brenna's success. She always has worked so hard as a student and as an athlete, and then she was part of an absolute Division I horror story at SIU. So to see things working out because of her toughness, it is great!!

Since you are home Brenna (and I know you won't be helping your mom around the house), come by practice tomorrow. We are after school at 2:30pm.

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