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Monday, November 29, 2010

Mark Massey & Bill Walton

Mark Massey with Bill Walton
Happy birthday to brother Mark. His birthday is November 30. He is very age sensitive. When the team went to Clinton, Jessica Howard (with some guidance) asked my brother if he was my father. His reaction was priceless! Let's just say that brother Mark was born a little before one of the presidential assassinations- you guess which one!

Mark has coached junior college men's basketball, jh boy's basketball, and hs volleyball. He has coached Clinton volleyball for over 30 years and his teams have over 700 wins. He actually coached his son in jh high basketball (and from the stands too often later) and his daughter in hs volleyball.

His picture with Bill Walton was taken at the opening assembly at Clinton HS this past fall. Bill appears to be a little taller than Mark. If I were asked the question,"Who is the most famous person you have had lunch with," my answer would be Bill Walton. I went with Dan Sullivan (Princeville)  to Milwaukee for the Bill Walton Big Man Camp when he was playing for the Celtics. It was unbelievable weekend. There were only about 6-8 coaches so we had lunch and supper each day with Walton. His stories about the UCLA and John Wooden were great. His instruction reflected Wooden's attention to detail. We got so comfortable that I asked him, "What was the deal with you and Patty Hearst?" If you remember, Patty Hearst was kidnapped and appeared to go along with the kidnappers back in the '60's. Walton was rumored to be involved in that counterculture movement. He plead innocent. And Dan was reluctant to take me along after that.