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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Purdue Camp

Our experience at Purdue was a very good experience. All three teams worked hard, regardless if they were winning or losing. In the dorms and away from games, the players worked well and got along well.

Purdue camp is the 8th college campus we have taken teams to camps for. Our visits have included- DePaul, Michigan, Western Missouri, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and now Purdue.

Top and bottom lists for camp experiences....

Best Food- 1- Purdue, 2- Carolina, 3- Tennessee

Best Dorms- 1- Carolina, 2- Tennessee, 3- Michigan

Shortest Walks- 1- Purdue, 2- Tennessee, 3- Notre Dame

Best Arenas to Play in- 1. Carolina, 2- Tennessee, 3- Wisconsin

Best Hospitality- 1- Michigan, 2- Tennessee, 3- Purdue

Best Competition- 1- Carolina, 2- Tennessee, 3- Purdue/ND/Wisc

Our Silver (FS) team took 2nd in the JV division, losing twice to an AAU team. They had 11 players on their team and looked good as they pressed and ran.

Our Gold (JV) team played in the lower varsity division against some pretty good teams. While they did not win as many games as they would have liked, they kept working the entire time.

Our Black (Varsity) team played in the high varsity division, took 3rd in the league play and then 2nd in the tourney. We suffered two losses to a team from Ohio who won the camp championship, and then another loss a team from Indiana with a point guard who has been offered full rides to Purdue and to ND. While we were at full strength we looked pretty good. Unfortunately Haley Kelso injured her hand and missed one game on the first day and then two games on the last day. The group shows three very good qualities....

1- They compete- they really don't like to lose.

2- They have good chemistry- no cliques, no petty feuds. During games they really support each other but are not afraid to get on each other.

3- Offensively they are very unselfish- the ball is definitely not sticky- they pass well and get the ball to the open person.

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