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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jason Shay Works w/ Teams

Jason Shay was back in Galesburg for "vacation." He spent about 10 hours in Thiel Gym working with the Streaks varsity boys and girls basketball teams.

I have had the opportunity to watch Jason work with FS level girls on up to work with pro players like CJ Watson. His approach never changes. He focuses on details and demands accountability when it comes to execution. With the varsity boys Streaks team he worked on offensive skills, and then with the Streaks girls he worked on defensive skills. He took one morning and for 2 hours went thru the defensive progression drills they used at Tennessee and now at NWF. Impressive!!

But the best part of his work are the insights he shares about approach and goal setting. His conversation with the varsity girls about toughness and remaining focused on championships will hopefully have an impact with our girls both on and off the court.

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