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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tony Bennett's Core Values

Coach Tony Bennett at the University of Virginia doesn’t believe in having a lot of team rules.
Instead his teams are taught 5 core values that must be constantly demonstrated both on and off the court.
These same values were used by Coach Bennett’s father, Coach Dick Bennett at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay for over 20 years.
1. Humility
Knowing who you are – not thinking too highly of yourself but not thinking too little of yourself either.

2. Passion
Are you hungry to compete and excel and be enthusiastic about the opportunity to do so? Will you be passionate when you don’t feel like it?
3. Unity
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Basketball is a sport in which a team can come together and achieve greatness even without having the greatest individual talents.
4. Servanthood
Knowing your role and sacrificing as needed to make your teammates and your team better. It’s a key element to unity and greatness.
5. Thankfulness
Not only involves being grateful when things go well but also being thankful for what you learn during the hard times.
One of the best things about these core values is that they apply to all teams regardless of age, level, or gender. It’s impossible to live by these values and not become a better person, a better player, and a better teammate int he process.

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