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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sabrina Clay-Q&A

Sabrina Clay is a sophomore on the varsity. She was on the freshmen team last year and jumped clear to the varsity. She made an impression on the coaches this spring because she never missed anything, she worked hard, and she was pretty good!!

In preseason one day at practice we were doing alot of conditioning at the end of practice. Sabrina came to us and said she felt light headed like she was going to faint. We told her to step out. At that point we were almost done with the workout. I told her to stand with Coach Allison. Later Coach Allison said Sabrina was upset about not running, she didn't want to let her teammates down. Guess that is one of the reasons Sabrina is on the varsity- she gets it- she is committed to her teammates!!

When did you first start playing basketball?
 In 7th grade

Is there someone or some event that got you fired up about playing basketball?
My dad got me fired up to play basketball because he use to play when he was younger.

What is your favorite basketball memory from grade school travel bb or from jh basketball?
I really don't have any memories from jh basketball just that I was apart of a great supportive team

So far in high school, what has been your favorite class, favorite teacher? What makes this course, this teacher good?
My favorite class is Geometry ad my teacher is Mr. Deuger because he makes math fun and easy.

What was the biggest adjustment for you going from junior high to high school?
My biggest adjustment from junior high to high school is walking up and down the stairs everyday it gets exhausting after a while. Oh and having finals.

What is your favorite book ever? Why?
My favorite book would be "The Doll in the Garden" by. Mary Downing Hahn because the book kept me on my toes wondering and trying to figure out what would happen next.

What is your favorite movie? Why?
My favorite movie would have to be "Love&Basketball" because it got me to love the sport of basketball.

What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite tv show would have to be Glee, because I love the concept of the show and the singing 

What would we find on your playlist for your iPod?
On my iPod playlist you would find a little of old school new school and gospel.

What is on your Christmas wish list?
On my Christmas wish list is just to spend it with my family just like every year nothing special.

If can go anywhere in Galesburg to eat, where do you choose, and what do you order?
If I could go anywhere in Galesburg to eat it would Buffalo Wild Wings and I would order 8 medium boneless wings. Yummy!:)
What was your favorite bb experience this past summer?
My favorite experience would have to be just having the experience playing with varsity this past summer. It was fun and it didn't feel like I was spending time with strangers it felt like I was spending time with family.

Who do you think has surprised you the most this season with how they have played?
Honestly everyone because we never give up on what we are doing on the court and we keep each other up and cheer each other on.

How have you surprised yourself this year?
 I've surprised myself by how aggressive I am now.

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