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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lexi Daniels- Q&A

Lexi is a freshmen on the varsity. She has made a nice transition from junior to the varsity level because of her unselfishness- low ego combined with a good work ethic. She quickly earned the respect of the older players with her approach, and her ability to play. She is off to a great year, and I anticipate she will just keep getting better and better!
When did you first start playing basketball?
When I was in 2nd grade at the YMCA.
Is there someone or some event that got you fired up about playing basketball?
When I got to jr.streaks and I met Sami,Kailyn,Marissa, Shayli etc. and we worked really well together!
What is your favorite basketball memory from grade school travel bb or from jh basketball?
My favorite memory would be 8th grade when we only lost to churchill by 4 points because our 7th grade year we got demolished.
So far in high school, what has been your favorite class, favorite teacher? What makes this course, this teacher good?
My favorite class would be science. My favorite teacher would have to be Ms.Stenger. I like science beacuse we get to alot of hands on things and I learn better that way. Ms.Stenger is a good teacher because I like the way she teaches and she explains things to where I can understand them.
What was the biggest adjustment for you going from junior high to high school?
The biggest adjustment would be all the people other than that I dont feel like things have changed.
What is your favorite book ever? Why?
My favorite book would have to be Beastly because it's probably one of the only books I read becuase I wanted to and not for school.
What is your favorite movie? Why?
My favorite movie would be Coach Carter because it has to do with basketball and its very inspirational.
What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV show is Big Brother.
What would we find on your playlist for your iPod?
You would find alot of everything mostly songs that get you pumped up for games.
What is on your Christmas wish list?
Just money so i can buy my own things.
If can go anywhere in Galesburg to eat, where do you choose, and what do you order?
Buffalo Wild Wings and I would get chicken strips.
What was your favorite bb experience this past summer?
My favorite experience would probably be staying in the hotel with Sami, Allison, and Rainee and calling all the rooms acting like the front desk and complaining about the noise.
Who do you think has surprised you the most this season with how they have played?
I would have to say Allison because she looks so little but she hustles and can shot the ball very well.
How have you surprised yourself this year?
I have suprised myself this year by making the varsity team and actually getting playing time. I didnt think I would get to play as much as I do.

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