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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dani Teel- Q&A

1. I first started playing basketball seriously in 3rd grade, but ever since I was able to hold a basketball I have been playing.

2. Two people have inspired to play: my dad has always wanted me to play and has encouraged me, whether it was taking me to Illinois games or working every night at home on our court. The second person is my grandpa, Don Teel. One day he was talking to my dad and he said "Dan, this is going to be your ball player" & ever since my dad told my that, I have been motivated to play to my greatest potential.

3. My best memory was playing against my Jr. Streaks basketball teammates when I was on the Costa team, or beating playing against our biggest rivals Canton.

4.My favorite class would probably have to be my clothing & textiles classes because they inspired me to continue with fashion as a career & plus Mrs. Foster is a great teacher!

5. For me the biggest transition was learning to deal with all the new faces of the high school, because I went to such a small school my whole life where I knew everyone.

6. The Notebook because I love Nicholas Sparks novels & I am a sucker for love stories!

7. My favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama, because once again I love all love stories!!!

8. Seinfeld would have to be my favorite show because it was always what my dad and I watched together while I was growing up!

9. I love to dance, so anything fun and upbeat!! But i also have Kanye West, Taylor Swift & Maroon 5.

10. I would like clothes and an iPhone (please mommy!)

11. THE CELLAR!! definitely my favorite place!! I would be getting the stuffed shells, I love Italian food!

12. My favorite basketball memory this summer would have to be driving to and from Notre Dame...we had so much fun making the long car ride worth while. Also, Notre Dame was an amazing campus with great history, it was just a great trip period because I feel like that is where we really became a family.

13. I would have to say Sabrina because I had no clue who she was until I started going to spring open gyms and she has really impressed me. She understand the game and she is a smart player and she always seems to get my missed shots and to help finish for me. I am so happy that she is on varsity because she is truly committed to the sport and her teammates. Our team would not be the same if Sabrina was not on it, i am very thankful for her!

14. I think that this year I am not afraid to play the game that I have loved for so many years. Since last year was my first year on varisty I believe was just so scared to mess up that I never played like myself and this year I am more aggressive and I play more for the love of the game.

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