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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Focus for Summer

Jamie & Andie both did a great job as Streak players in
helping to build a winning culture on their teams!
I am in the process of doing all the jobs I don't like in preparation for our summer basketball- making our summer league schedule, making a ref schedule, lining up coaches for our summer teams, assigning hs players to score games. As I get to the end of these jobs, I anxiously begin to look forward to getting started with our camps, where we get to work with players and our teams.

On the high school level, summer basketball is an exciting time. It is a time in which individuals and the team begin to develop their identity. So much can be achieved individually and collectively in the summer.

During the regular season it is so easy to focus on the outcomes- wins & losses.  In the summer there is not the focus on wins/losses that you face during the regular season. It is so much easier as coaches and players to focus on the process. In the summer you lay the groundwork to have successful team chemistry.

When we get started in just over a week with our summer program, I am anxious to establish with not only our varsity but with our incoming freshmen what we feel as coaches is important for establishing a successful program. As I have been thinking about the message and goals to share with our players, I have found some of the tweets I have read from other college and high school coaches that express what we want to achieve this summer. What do we want to achieve in the summer?

#1- Establish a Winning Culture

#2- Commitment to Self-Improvement

#3- Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

#4- Energy, Passion & Enthusiasm

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