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Friday, July 13, 2012

Kevin Garnett's Demand

Kevin Eastman, Boston Celtic assistant coach told an interesting story about Kevin Garnett. 

When a player is traded in the NBA, when he first meets with his new head coach, there are some horror stories of players who immediately issue selfish demands to their new head coach. "I expect you to get me 15 shots per game." "I need to play 35 minutes per game but don't play me over 40 minutes per game." You get it, selfish demands.
When Kevin Garnett first talked with Doc Rivers after being traded to the Celtics, he had one basic demand. "I came here because I want to be coached- criticize me, yell at me, be demanding of me. I want to be coached."

Wow, what coach would not want a player like that on their team. Eastman went on to say how intense Garnett is. In practice if he is taken out of a drill or scrimmage, he is mad. He wants to be involved in practice the entire session. If he is on the side during a scrimmage, when his group is on defense he gets into a defensive stance, slides, challenges imaginary shots, blocks out, turns get the imaginary rebound, outlet and sprints to the other end. He is focused on improvement. Wow!

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