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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Part of an article in the Chicago Sun-Times. Good words from Coach Thibodeau after the Bulls opening night win.

Even as good as the Bulls looked in the regular-season opener, coach Tom Thibodeau still tried to get the message across to his team that what they showed against the Knicks has to be a daily work ethic.
That hasn’t always been the case since training camp started.
“If you work hard one day and you improve, and then you don’t work hard for three days, well guess what? You’re not going to be very consistent,’’ Thibodeau said. “The good teams establish how they’re going to go about their business. They do it day after day. That’s how you build your mental toughness, that’s how you build your conditioning, that’s how you build your discipline, and that’s how you win.
“You start off the season, and you have everybody saying they want to win a championship, but very few are willing to pay that price every single day. When you study championship teams, you see the drive that they have. I know what Michael [Jordan] did when he was here. I know his mentality. I know what [Kevin] Garnett did in Boston, I know what Larry Bird did in Boston, I know what Isiah [Thomas] did in Detroit, I know what Magic [Johnson] did with the Lakers, and you don’t sneak around. You’ve got to earn it.’’

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