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Monday, April 2, 2012

Shaka Smart- Pressing

Coach Shaka Smart (Head Coach – VCU)
What are we trying to get out of the press?
·      Turnovers (Live Ball)
·      Quick / Bad Shots
·      Create Offensive Opportunities
·      Force Tempo / Disrupt Offensive Flow
·      Difficult to Prepare For
·      Make Opposing Players do things they aren’t comfortable doing
·      Create fatigue (Cumulative Effect)      
-       Who gets tired 1st? Who recovers quickest?
·      Make depth a factor (Who’s 6-10 is better?)
·      Exciting style of play (Players/fans)
·      Identity/Brand

What Should You Emphasize as a Pressing Team?
·      Energy (5 Guys Flying Around)
-       Fouling Negates Hustle
·      Communication
-       “Talking makes you quicker.”
·      Getting into the press quickly
·      Deflections
·      Trapping Fundamentals
-       When to trap? (Good Trap vs. Bad Trap)        
5 Keys to a Good Trap:
1.     Ball Handler’s Level of Control – Is the ball handler under control?
2.     Element of Surprise– Are we running from the elbow to half court to trap?
3.     Location of Court – No traps in the middle of the floor.
4.   No Fouls
5.   No Splits
·      Who to trap?
·      How to trap?
·      Off the ball
-       “Think like a trapper.”
·      Taking away the obvious pass
·      Pressuring the ball
-       #1 thing in the press. If you can’t pressure the ball, you can’t press.
·      Stunting
·      Back Pressure
·      Outnumbered Situations
-       2 vs. 1 – Must defend the 2 on 1 situations well. Happens all the time.
·      “Fix It” Situations
-       Half Court situation after opposing team breaks press. Must match up and guard.
·      Defending Multiple Positions
-       Front of Press
-       Back of Press
·    Guys I look for in recruiting.
-       6’3 – 6’4 athletes with long arms that can guard 1-5.

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