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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rainee Sibley- Back On Track

The Register-Mail ran an article on Rainee Sibley running track. We have several of our Streaks varsity players out for track this spring. Myra Diggins, Sharron Diggins, Rainee Sibley, Chloe Anderson, and Allison Mangieri. I am especially pleased several of them are running 400 & 800- I think that is great prep for basketball.

Sibley gets back on track with Silver Streaks

By Matthew Wheaton
The Register-Mail
GALESBURG — After taking her sophomore year off, Rainee Sibley is back to running for coach Jody Chapman as a member of the Galesburg High School girls track team. However, Sibley’s not running again, because she loves to do so.

“Rainee is a competitor,” Chapman said. “She doesn’t like to run much, but she likes to compete.
“I’m glad she joined us again,” she added. “Rainee works hard every time to improve her performances.”

“A lot of it is the competitor in me, I like to compete,” admits Sibley, a junior at GHS, who is also a guard for the Evan Massey led Silver Streaks girls basketball team. “I’m out there, so why not give it my all and try my best not only for myself, but for my team too.

“I’m not in love with it,” she added. “I love basketball.” Sibley’s brother, Cody, who is a member of the GHS boys track team, influenced her to return to track.

“A big reason I ran is because of him,” said Rainee about her brother. “He’s a freshman this year.
“He had a big impact on me running this year,” she added. “We’re really close.”

Her aunt and uncle, Jon and Vicki Sibley, also played a part in her return to running on all-weather surfaces.  “My aunt and uncle always tell me God gives people certain gifts and that they shouldn’t waste them,” Rainee said.  Not only did Rainee’s family members influence her to run again, some of her basketball teammates were also convincing.  Three of them — Allison Mangieri, Sharron Diggins and Myra Diggins — are also on the track team.

“We are all really close on the court and I wanted to be around them more,” said Rainee, who began participating in track as an eighth grader at Lombard Middle School. “Not to mention, I love coach Chapman. After having her as a P.E. teacher last term, I told myself there is no way I can’t run for her this year.”

Rainee loves and respects Massey just as much as she does Chapman. “I love coach Massey too,” she said. “He told me to run as well that way I would stay in shape and it was something I was good at.
“Running will keep me in shape and hopefully it will build up my endurance when basketball comes,” Rainee added.

During her season away from track, Rainee was focused on improving her skills on the hardwood.
“I was in the gym shooting and dribbling,” Rainee said. “I didn’t miss track that much not to say that I’m not having a good time now, because I am. 

“I’m missing not being in the gym, but coach Massey said whenever I have time he’ll open the gym for me,” she added. “I’m really thankful to have a basketball coach who cares enough to take the time out of his day to better his players and support them.”

When the Silver Streaks boys and girls track teams hosted Knoxville and ROWVA in their first outdoor meet of the season last week, Massey was on hand despite the rainy conditions.  And when she wasn’t running in the 4x100-meter relay, the 4x200 and the 4x800, Rainee could be found supporting Cody and her teammates.

“I was really proud of him. I gave him a little pep talk before he ran,” said Rainee, about Cody winning the 100-meter dash. “I told him not to worry, it’s his first meet, not to be hard on himself and run his hardest.

“I want to be out there to support Cody and do whatever I can to get him better,” she said. “During basketball, I didn’t have as much time to hangout with him. Our schedules always clashed.”

This past season, the Silver Streaks girls basketball team came up short of a state bid, finishing its season with an overall record of 27-6 after Galesburg clashed with Peoria Richwoods and lost 79-52 to the Knights in the Galesburg Class 3A Sectional.

Rainee is hopeful she’ll make it to state as a member of the track team.  “We made it to state in the 4x2 my freshman year, so if we could make it to state in a couple of relays that would be awesome,” she said. “It was pretty sweet going to state.”

Even if she doesn’t make it to state again, Rainee will have an excellent time along the way.
“I’m having a great time,” she said. “I’m glad that I’m running this year.”

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