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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Team Chemistry

In the closing ceremonies at team camp, Coach Sylvia Hatchell had a great comment. "What has separated our championship teams from our other teams has not been their talent but their chemistry. How far you go in the tourney is determined by your team chemistry."

When I heard her say that, I could not help but think of our 2010-11 team. They played hard and they had talent, but were they more talented than some of our teams over the past 4-5 years who never made it to Elite 8? I would say the 2010-11 team was talented, but I would not say they were necessarily more talented than some of our non-Elite 8 team. But I would say our team chemistry was off the charts.

So how does the team chemistry help advance in the tourney? I think positive team chemistry allows players to play harder, to play with more energy, and to play with more confidence. When you like and even love your teammates, you are more willing to do more for them on the court. And you are more excited about playing with your teammates. And confidence comes from having a sense of trust in your teammates. Good team chemistry allows players to not worry and not think too much- you know where your teammates support is-- you don't have to worry about them judging your play. So you can just get after it.

At this point our 2011-12 team plays with great enthusiasm. They are very supportive of each other when they play. I have NEVER had a team on the sideline that is as active in their support of the team on the floor. If we continue with this attitude and build on it, good things can happen. Great things are not achieved by the half-hearted.

Thanks for the words Coach Hatchell!!

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  1. Great post, Evan. As someone who has seen the Streaks in person now, I agree whole-heartedly. I LOVE how hard all your players cheer for each other. There's a lesson there, if others will just pay attention.