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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Screaming Mom

The following story was posted on a coaches' email exchange. Read and enjoy....

I have a circumstance worth mentioning:
I was warned about a parent before a season began.  I was told she will be constantly loud yelling at her daughter, coaching her from the stands, and occasionally yelling at the officials.
 At a parent meeting a few nights before the first game I told the parents that I would not tolerate any parent interference.  Well, this mom actually replied that she may be a problem.  I told her I would save her a seat behind the bench, let me know when she needed to holler something, and I would take her daughter out, and she could talk to her quietly.  As she started to smile I told her not to worry about rushing the instructions, that she would be there the rest of the game for her to talk to.  As the smile turned to a frown, she replied that she may need duct tape then. 
Before the first game I waited until right before the opening tip and pulled a brand new roll of duct tape out and held it for her and all the parents to see.  I got a number of laughs and a smile from her.  Never had a problem the entire season from her.

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