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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainee Sibley- Quick on the Court/Slow with Blog

Last summer when we went to Tennessee to camp, we struggled. Jason Shay watched and had an observation,"If you are going to press all over, you need to be quicker." His thought was if you are going to play a tough, half-court style you needed to look for as much size and strength as possible, but if you are going to play full court, you need quickness.

A day later Jason wanted to watch Coach Rux's sophs play. Jason and Coach Rux were good friends when Jason was in Galesburg. So as we were watching them play, Jason pointed out to a player on the soph team. His comment,"That is a kid you might want to look at, she is quick and she plays hard." The player he was pointing out was Rainee Sibley. 
There are people who try to discourage young players with the comment, "You don't have a chance in basketball, the coaches have already decided who is going to play in high school." Well, in the future they better not mention Rainee Sibley. Rainee may have been about the 10th best 8th grade player in junior high. As a freshmen, there were several players moved to the soph team and she was still not the best player on the freshmen team. If someone had told me Rainee would have been on the varsity as a soph in May of last year, I would have said I doubted it. 

Rainee is what is great about our style of play. Rainee does not right now have great skills with the basketball, but no one plays harder than she plays. She was an absolutely great fit for the varsity. Her humility, her willingness to work hard, her desire to listen and improve, and her quickness added so much to our team. She was very important to our success.

I am hoping she enjoyed this season so much that she is fired up to work and work in the off-season to improve her skills with the basketball. If she can improve her ball handling skills she can become a force for us next year.

But as quick as Rainee is on the court, it took her about 2 months to answer her survey for this blog.

Last year you were on the freshmen team. Did it surprise you this summer when we started having you play with the varsity?
Yes, I was very surprised.

This past summer was it more stressful or more exciting?
This summer was definitely more exciting. I had so much fun rooming with the seniors in Wisconsin.

Who on the varsity helped you feel like you belonged last summer?
Jamie Johnson helped me so much this summer. I was with her all of the time. She gave me rides, advice, always made sure i kept my head up. Her mom always fixed the best lunches before practice for me too.

Last year you probably did not know some of this year's juniors and seniors real well. Now that you have gotten to know them, who on the varsity has surprised you by being a lot different than you thought they were?
hmmmmm..... I would say Jamie Johnson and Jessica Howard. I never knew how much fun they were to be around. They were two players i looked up to from the start.

What has been your favorite class at GHS?
P.E with Mr Hart! And civics, only because Mr. Miller is a great teacher.

Who was your favorite teacher in jh or grade school?
My math teacher, Mr Sharp, who was also my 8th grade bball coach. And my p.e teachers, Mrs. Rogers and Mr. Biddle.

I asked you once if I would have liked you when you were in jh. Your reply was that I would not have liked you when you were in 6th grade. I assume you were not a focused student who behaved well then. Now you are a very good student. What got you going?
I’m not sure what really got me going. I guess I just matured:) 

What do you like best about our team?
I just love how we all get along so well. There is never any drama and we are just like a happy family. We build each other up and we've got each others backs no matter what.

My wife says your uncle is one of the most inspirational speakers she has ever heard. What makes him such an effective preacher? 
I think my uncle has a special gift from God. He loves what he does and he has a big heart and is always worried about the well being of others and for that God has blessed him to be the wonderful inspirational speaker he is:)

I know it had to be a little bit embarrassing and a little bit frustrating to lose to me in the dance contest. Do you think anyone on the team could beat me in wii Dance?
You and I both know you have no rhythm whatsoever Coach Massey. I know it broke your heart to be beaten by me in wii dance, but you've got to move on. We all have our own talents. Our entire team knows that dancing isn’t yours:) hahahah

What would you like your teammates to say about you?
I would like my teammates to say they enjoyed having me on their team this season and that I was a hard worker, and a fun teammate.

Do you have any phrase, verse, or saying that you find inspiring?
Jerimiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,”plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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