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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Advice From Some Experts-- Enjoy!!

Our local paper like many local papers allows individuals to comment at the end of each story. I have chosen not to ever read any of the comments during the season. Just as the KKK hides behind a sheet so no one can identify them, the commenter hides behind anonymous nicknames. It allows them to express hate, hurt, and frustration without ever having to own their words.

A Galesburg story has it that in the 1960’s when legendary Coach John Thiel had a call in show, a particular father called in with a negative, attack filled question.  Evidently Coach Thiel recognized the voice so after fielding the question, Coach Thiel called the man by name and answered the question. Needless to say, after the man had his “sheet of anonymity” taken away, he didn’t call in to the show anymore.

I don’t think it is wise for coaches to ever read the comments, ever. Your job as a coach is to coach to the best of your ability based on what you see in practice and your scouting. You don’t want to have some strange voices entering your thoughts in the middle of a game.  

I hope players and parents avoid reading the comments during the season. It is hard enough for a player. Players are trying as hard as they can to please their coach, their teammates, and themselves. If they begin to feel like they need to please the village idiot too, it can be too much.

My wife often reads the comments. She is a trained therapist so I think she reads out of professional curiosity. While the comments bother her, I think she is overcome with her interest in the world of human behavior. She suggested that now that the season was over, some of my coaching peers might enjoy reading some of the comments. So here goes----

Galesburg 68- Illini West 82
Record 0-1

The comments say it all. It was Illini West! Going to be a really long season. Plan B?

I first want to say the girls played hard, but somethings are hard to over come. GHS is always going to have high numbers of turn overs with this style,but Galesburg doesnt have the talent in every position to play this way. Massey says the lack of good shooting wasnt to be blamed and the girls did get alot of offensive rebounds they just didnt fall The press kill the girls you cant get back with Masseys style of press and you give up to many lay ups. We started to make runs but as soon as they started it was time to come out players need to play more than 35 seconds to get the flow of the game. Its always been said you live by the three and you die by it looks like we are going to die alot. PLAN B should be play standard basketball or PLAN C replaced the coach because the game has passed him by. Let it be said replacing him wouldnt bring wins just basketball that would be fun to watch like it used to be

Galesburg 62- Springfield 90
Record 1-2

slide____ I know what you are trying to say ,but its not working out here we lost by almost 30pts and if we would have stoped the lay ups we may have still lost but by a lot less. CARY______ I have talked with several coaches and a couple of them college none of them think this system has any value. One coach came with me to the game the other night, and he said this is not helping the girls get better its a gimic or a cover up to the fact his staff hasnt done there job teaching basketball skills along the way and now its to late. Its been very aparent through the years its about all the wins not his players. Just glad my kids are grown up now and wish the current kids best of luck and hope they are not looking to play after high school because this system will not help you . BET____ The Howard girl as many points as she has at GHS wont go any where unless its CSC they take everyone.

Galesburg 45- Moline 74
Record 24-6

Last night was a big flop. The Gimmick system doesnt work against good teams the second time around. i know the girls wanted to win and tried hard ,but they just werent ready for the storm that hit them last night. Our coaching staff sat there and just watched this beating with out making adjustments they chewed our press, and our guards made poor decisons with the ball. they forced our non shooters to shoot and our shooters just stood in one place so they were a coaches dream to guard .

Nice try optimistic ,but they are very good either and their coach has isssues if you know his history.The whole world plays traditional basketball ,but our coach or the guy that tries to steer the ship since he doesnt do much coaching any more. Forgot the girls arent on the floor long enough to coach.

Galesburg 74- Geneseo 57
Galesburg 55-  Sterling 52

Galesburg 61-  Ottawa 34
Galesburg 74-  Richwoods 46

Galesburg 70-  Hillcrest 77

Elite 8
28 wins- 7 losses


  1. Expert is right! I am happy you know who that is. Wonder if it's one of the two basketball experts that always sat behind us? I have been reading his babble all year. I tried to get him to go watch someone else, but, all he did was lambaste them also. hmrs, enjoy the banner! Sidenote done.

    It has been a pleasure for Amy and I (and quite an extended family) to experience the "Silver Streak tradition". I will say it's a weird feeling that Jess hasn't started shooting (in the gym) again yet! The season has been over for 4 days after all! But she has been in the driveway everyday after school with Carly! What can I say? Thank you Evan, Howard, Rux, Jay and Andi. And, Steve and Jeanine! Chris

  2. I have long maintained that the idiots are taking over. See these "comments" supports my theory. We have been following the Streaks for forty years. For years I heard that "Massey's teams never change in what they do", to which I responded "you can't argue with success". I give a lot of credit to Coach Massey and his staff for making such a dramatic change. I think that this Has been one of the hardest working groups that I have ever seen. And they have been great fun to watch. And for them to bounce back from the Moline game and win the regional and sectional is a credit to the players. As for Jessica playing ball, I think that Knox would love to have her. As I have said before,you can't argue with success, and this year has been extremely successful. Looking forward to next season.