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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sabrina Clay- Impressive Start to College

Too often in “big-time” college athletics, we find sad stories of the athlete who is so invested in their sport that they don’t take advantage of getting an education and don’t position themselves for the future. The expression is “don’t let sports use you, you use sports.”
And sadly, we read stories of the athlete who feels entitled, people owe them something. These athletes never seem to give back to society or others, they are too busy expecting to be given something for their talents.
Sabrina Clay is not one of these negative stories about college athletes. Sabrina has used her passion and ability in basketball to further her education, and to help position herself for success. And while she was getting her education at Sandburg, she was giving back to her school and her community.
It is going to be exciting to follow her successes as she continues her education. She is not only headed for great things- she will make her community a better place.
I had a chance to do a Q/A with Sabrina.
Massey-  You seemed to be very active at Sandburg. What was the name of the club you were a member? What were some of the service projects you got involved in?
Sabrina- I was a member of Women of Character(WOC). We did a lot going to the junior highs in Galesburg and talked to the kids about college every Tuesday and Thursday, helped at the FISH pantry, MLK breakfast, helping out with the YMCA solutions group, and many more. 
Massey- You sure seem to have taken on a leadership role at Sandburg. What did you learn about leadership by being in that organization?
Sabrina- What I have learned from Sandburg about being a leader is that you do not always have to be vocal you can always lead by example and people will follow.
Massey- You are headed into your junior year. What were the toughest parts of transitioning into being a college student vs being a high school student?
Clay- The hardest thing from transitioning into being a college student is that you absolutely have a schedule. In high school you could get away with not being completely prepared for a test. In college who have to make sure you have to study, study, and study more.
Massey- Are there any special challenges being a Galesburg grad and going to school in your hometown?
Sabrina- No, it actually made things a little easier because I was more focused for the fact I was in my hometown.
Massey- What was the toughest adjustment for you in basketball as a freshman?
Sabrina- The toughest adjust for me in basketball my freshman year was getting use to the court. It didn’t seem hard at first but once you start to run up and down that extra 10feet starts to get to you. Everything was easy to adjust to.
Massey- In your first two years, what have been the highs for you and your team in basketball?
Sabrina- The highs for the first two years at Sandburg would have to be winning the conference back to back and getting to the regional championship game.
Massey- How have you improved as a basketball player since high school?
Sabrina- I believe I have improved a lot since high school. I am a better ball handler (not the best) and I also believe my shot has gotten better also.
Massey- I know it will be all new transferring to Eureka so there are some unknowns, but what are some of your personal basketball goals?
Sabrina- Some of my personal basketball goals would be getting a lot stronger because it is a different level of basketball and become even more of a defensive threat.
Massey- What is your major? What do you hope to do after college?
Sabrina- My major is Kinesiology/Pre-Physical therapy. After college I hope to either go and work for a hospital as a physical therapist or at a Nursing Home and then continuing with college and working towards my masters degree in Physical Therapy.
Massey- Why did you pick Eureka?
Sabrina- I picked Eureka because of the transferring program. After you graduate, you can get into a lot of different medical schools with just a degree from Eureka.
Massey- When you think back to your high school career, is there any particular game that makes you smile?
Sabrina- Two games particular games that make me smile from my high school career. One of them being winning against Alleman for regionals.
Massey- As a freshman in high school, you played on the freshman team. And that same year a bunch of your classmates were playing on the varsity and the sophomore teams. Then as a sophomore, you jumped to the varsity. I am sure as a freshman there had to be times you were discouraged. To what do you credit your success as a sophomore?
Sabrina- As a freshman I actually was not discouraged. I love playing the game rather I was on varsity or the freshman team. I also believed in myself and in my game as a basketball player. I also felt like I was "new" to the program as a freshman because I did not go to any of the camps or played in the summer leagues. In other words, I had to make my name "known". My success as a sophomore, I credit that to working hard in the off season and making sure I was seen.

Sabrina will be back in Galesburg on Wednesday, November 15 at 5:30pm when Eureka plays at Knox College. The following is Eureka’s entire schedule…

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