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Friday, November 9, 2012

Meet the Streaks History

Some of my most memorable Meet the Streaks experiences (in no particular order).....

1- My first experience was as a boys assistant basketball coach. I am not sure we even had an intrasquad scrimmage at my high school. At GHS, both balconies were open- the main floor seating was nearly filled, and people were spilled into the balcony. There were probably 2000 people at the intrasquad scrimmage- pretty impressive.

2- My venture as a football assistant on the sophomore level. I was receivers coach and someone else was the o-line coach. Between the two of us, we failed to get a player into Meet the Streaks. During the scrimmage and after the scrimmage neither of knew the player had not been in- both of us assumed the other was reponsible for him. We did not find out until Coach Barshinger got a call from a concerned parent wanting to know what the kid had done wrong. Coach Barshinger's reply was something along the lines of, "It was not done as a punishment, it was more just incompetence." He was correct.

3- My first year as girls coach, I was told there were three really athletic sophomore girls I needed to ge to go out for basketball. (We were a three year school.) All three were great tennis players- Heidi Eastman, Amy Crisman, and Amanda Allen. I had no idea if they were any good but I was told I needed to get them out. Crisman and Allen came out, and they were as sophs among our better players. At Meet the Streaks, Amanda tried to draw a charge in the last 10 seconds of the game. She fell and it turned out she broke her right elbow or arm. I figured this was going to be bad-- you get a really good tennis player to go out and they get hurt and it may effect their tennis career. Fortunately her parents were not living with dreams of her being the next Billie Jean King, so it did not become a big issue. Amanda stayed out for basketball and eventually she set up her sister and I to date-- and that turned out well.

4- There may be other times, but the one time I remember a player really used Meet the Streaks to completely change their status was when Rita Tiehen was a junior. Going into Meet the Streaks, I thought Rita would be somewhere between our 8-10th player. Rita had one of the all-time best performance, scoring 20 points and getting numerous steals. Based on that performance, she became a two year starter.

5- Last was a Meet the Streak I missed. My brother's volleyball team was playing in Des Moines for the Iowa state vb title. Although Clinton took second, that was probably my most exciting Meet the Streaks night.

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