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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wonderful Surprise

Dan Sullivan and I reliving Milwaukee Bucks
Camp days with "Smedley."
Saturday, April 13 we were invited to party for Kyle Barshinger. Kyle was home from college and his birthday is on April 17. Amy told me to make sure to get a card for Kyle. We were going out to eat at Sully's at 6:30pm and then going to the party for Kyle at Side Trax at 7:30pm. At about 6:10pm, Amy asked if I had gotten the card- I had not. She told me to go get one. So I hurried to Walgreen's and got a card.

The poor Ricketts- cornered and can't get away.
Allison's picked up and on the way showed the card to them. They had not gotten a card and asked if they could sign on our card. That did not seem unusual because older people on fixed incomes often try to cut corners. As we ate, Joyce whined several times, thinking she would not know anyone at Kyle's party. Again, nothing unusual.

Jenna Purlee didn't want to tell Rob about
the party because he can't keep secrets.
We arrived at Side Trax and evidently Jay had reserved the back room. As we headed for the room, I saw some of the Barshinger's friends- Jerry Albright and the Peacheys. And as I turned the corner the first person I saw was Jay who yelled- "Surprise." Since I share Kyle's birthday, I thought Jay was just playing with me. I started to tell him to be quiet but before the words could out, I looked up and saw a bunch of my friends.

Retired and semi-retired teachers.
Yes, Amy pulled it off-- a surprise 60th birthday party. It was a lot of fun. I told Amy my only regret was the party was not long enough, I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone I wanted to talk to. There were fellow teachers and retired teachers, fellow coaches at GHS and retired coaches, neighbors, friends, and family. I was really happy to see some out of town buddies- the Sullivan's from Princeville, the Sigel's from Rock Island, the Hatch's from Alleman, and the Tracey's from Moline.
Bill Allison selling secrets to Coach Hatch.
Drawing by Greg Leibach.

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