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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bob Belf- Selling Your Program & Making Adjustments

The following was sent to a coach contemplating going to the "System". This is from veteran coach, Bob Belf. I would argue his analysis of "adjustments' that have to made apply to all coaching. It may be his list is unique to the "sytem" but every coach in every style must have the ability to anticipate adjustments and then make adjustments.

The first year will bring many challenges. As much as you prepare things will arise due to the fact you are doing something different and  you will find yourself selling the idea as much as coaching.

I would suggest you educate early as best that you can. That means administration, athletic director and parents as well as players. Now they won't "get it" but they will at least have a heads up as you progress. Do not spend all season selling it to the outsiders or your players. They will hate it so just be ready for the criticism. Teach it and get good at what you do.

Your on court performance will be inconsistent early. Your team will have to learn what makes this function and how hard they need to play. Teams catch on at different times but on average your non-conference schedule will be your learning curve and you tend to get it during the conference schedule. Be prepared to adapt to making your team better.

Most of the growing pains and learning process you can't rush. Early on you can get any triple you want as the defense will allow you to shoot almost incredulous that you actually want to shoot those.

·         The first evolution is when teams begin to defensively take away your shots. The ability to develop a better three is important. Usually switching first then zone.

·         The second evolution is how teams go about slowing you down. Teams that do not need to prepare will just attack you for the easy baskets and the pace is easy. Teams that do prepare will find ways to control the basketball against you. This will emphasize your ability to maintain a high pace and test your players willingness to pressure.

·         The third evolution is your ability to create the shots you desire by your better players, thus creating a more efficient offensive attack. Based on the first two steps this becomes important to maintain pace and increase your numbers.

·         The 4th step is when your players understand where the system truly excels. By this I mean the best times to get a triple attempt or when the PG needs to get to the FT line. The ability to read how you are being defended and take advantage. Plus the all out emphasis of the 2 areas that matter in offensive rebounding and defensive pressure. Nothing better than the possession with 4 offensive rebounds and finally burying the triple. You went 1-5 from the arc but your broke the other teams spirit.

·         And I truly believe the 5th step is controlling emotion. There are many things that are inherent to the system that you need to be able to absorb and just play through. You will play from behind in many games. You will not get a positive whistle 90% of the time. You need to be able to develop intensity after things that seem inconsequential to the average fan. A deflection or a trap. An offensive rebound. A loose ball or a blocked shot. It is easy to be energized after you score, but ability to create pressure as things are not going well.

The pace the game is played is important. It is all based on achieving your System goals BUT it is not out of control. It is being efficient at higher speed. Find the ways your best players can be optimized on offense. Put players in areas that they will succeed and even excel. You will witness some amazing feats based on the green light and the confidence that they can achieve.

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