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Friday, October 28, 2011

Experienced Staff

We start practices on Monday. I am VERY fortunate to have an experienced staff at GHS. I would guess there are view programs with more experience in their coaching staff.

Coach Michael Rux has 20+ years as sophomore coach. He has been active not just with the sophomore team but in assisting the varsity team. He has definitely been there and done it.

Coach Jay Barshinger has been freshmen coach for 10+ years. He is the most patient teacher in our school district, and he takes the same approach to basketball.

Coach Jaque Gohlinghorst is presently varsity assistant but between her playing and coaching career she has been involved in the Streaks basketball program for most of the last 15 years. First as point guard on our teams from 1998-2000 when our worst finish was the Elite 8, and now as a coach.

Coach Andie Allison is presently a varsity assistant coach. She has been involved in our program for about 20 years. She travelled with our team in the summer and winter when she was in grade school. After playing for the Streaks, she worked our camps and coached our teams throughout her college years.

I am obviously very lucky and very appreciative to have such experienced coaches in our program, but more importantly, our players are so lucky to have such good and such experienced people.

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