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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pat Summitt- Advice to Coach Allison

After President Obama came to Galesburg, I decided to work on a Q/A with people about their encounters with the "famous." I am still hoping to get a few more people to respond and then I will put it up on the blog. In the meantime, I thought it was timely to share what Coach Andie Allison returned to me.

Andie said the following:

I would have to say my example for the most famous person I have ever met is appropriate for current news in the sports world. Two summers ago, when heading to team camp in Tennessee, I was lucky enough to meet Pat Summit. 

Though all the coaches there got to "meet" her through a hand shake, I was lucky enough to get a picture with Coach Summit. More exciting still, was after she had given her question/answer session for coaches. We were all exiting the large room and heading for the gym. I was towards the front of the pack and Coach Summit walked quickly to lead us in, where all the campers were waiting to watch a Tennessee Lady Vols practice. While walking next to her, Coach Summit was nice enough to ask me how I liked camp so far and what level I currently coached. At the time, I was coaching the 7th grade team at Churchill. When I informed her of the level I had been coaching, she replied with one word. Patience. Well said, Pat!

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