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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Marjorie Evans Massey- Reflector Editor 1929.
My mother (Marjorie Evans Massey) would be 100 years old on Monday, May 11, 2011. She grew up in Galesburg. Her father was a street car driver, and her mother a stay at home mom. They never owned a house or a car. But they made sure they gave her two very important things- love and an education. Before there was such a thing as "Gale Scholars," my mother was a "Gale Scholar." She graduated from Galesburg HS in 1929 and Knox College in 1934.

1929 Galesburg HS diploma.
She met my father (W.F.Massey) when she was teaching at Lyons (Clinton, Ia.) and he was teaching/coaching at Fulton HS. My father was not one to rush into things so they married about ten years later.

As an adult, we all like to think how independent and self-reliant we have become. But until your mother is gone, you don't fully realize how much you depend on your mother. When I was in my 30's and visiting my mother, I went to leave the house. It was cool but not cold. My mother said,"Evan, you need a hat." My reply was something to effect of leave me alone, I am grown up.

Knox Grads (3 generations)-
Marjorie Evans Massey- 1934
Mark Massey- 1971
Evan W. Massey- 1974
Evan M. Massey- 2010
Her reply,"I am sorry but you never stop being a mother." 

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