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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Galesburg Summer League- 2016

Galesburg Girls Summer League
(Revised- May 25)
Location of games determined by order listed:
1st Listed= Field House East
2nd Listed= Field House West
3rd Listed= Wicall West
4th Listed= Wicall East

Tuesday, May 31
5:00                  Gale Silver- ROWVA
Lewistwn FS- Knoxville FS
Gale Gray- Mon-Rose FS
Gale Red- Dee Mack JH
5:50                  Gale Black- Mon-Rose
Lewistown- Knoxville
Gale Silver- Dee-Mack
Gale Red- Knoxville JH
6:40                  Lewistwn FS- MonRose FS
                            Gale White- Knoxville FS
                  Dee-Mack- ROWVA
                  Knoxville JH- Rowva JH
7:30                  Gale Gold- Knoxville
Lewistown- Mon-Rose
                  Gale Blue- Dee-Mack JH
Gale Green- ROWVA JH

Thursday, June 2
3:20                  Gale Silver- Lewistown FS
Gale Blue- ROWVA JH
4:10                    A-Town FS- Lewistown FS
                  Orion FS- Farmington JV
Gale Red- ROWVA JH
Gale Green- Gale Blue
5:00                  Gale Black- Morton
A-Town- Erie
Lewistown- West Hancock
W Hancock FS- United FS
5:50                  Knoxville- Morton
Gale Silver- Farmington JV
West Hancock- ROWVA
Lewistown FS- Orion FS
6:40                  Gale Gold- Erie
                  Washington- Peoria Cent
Lewistown- Putnam Co
                  Gale Gray- W Hancock FS
7:30                  A-Town- Putnam Co
                  Lewistown- Erie
A-Town FS- Farmington JV
W Hancock FS- United FS
8:20                  Gale Black- Peoria Central
                  Knoxville- Washington
Gale White- United FS
                  United- ROWVA

Friday, June 3
8:40                  Gale Gray- Farmington JV
                  Gale Purple- A-Town FS
9:30                  Rock Falls- Knoxville
Gale Gold- Putnam County
A-Town FS- W Hancock FS
10:20                  Erie- Knoxville
Gale Silver- West Hancock
Gale Purple- Rock Falls FS
11:10                  Gale Black- Rock Falls
A-Town- West Hancock
Frmingtn JV- Rock Falls FS
12:00                  Erie- Putnam County
Rock Falls- A-Town
Gale White- W Hancock FS
12:50                  Erie- West Hancock
                  Gale Silver- Rock Falls FS

Tuesday, June 7
3:20                  Gale Gray- Knoxville FS
Gale Blue- Gale Red
Gale Green- ROWVA JH
A-Town JH- Knoxville JH
4:10                  Gale Gold- Ridgewood
                  Gale Silver- Lewistown FS
                  Gale Green- Knoxville JH
                  A-Town JH- ROWVA JH
5:00                  Gale Black- Brimfield
                  Lewistown- Orion
                  Gale White- Elmwood FS
Knxville FS- Mercer Co FS
5:50                  Mercer Co FS- Brmfield FS
                  Brimfield- Orion
                  Elmwood- United
                  Mercer Co- ROWVA
6:40                  Gale Black- Knoxville
Moline- Mon-Rose
Ridgewood- ROWVA
Lwistown FS- Brimfield FS
7:30                  Knoxville- Mon-Rose
                  Moline- Lewistown
                  Gale Silver- Elmwood
                  Mercer Co- United

Thursday, June 9
4:10                  Gale Silver- PND FS
Gale Gray- A-Town FS
Gale Blue- ROWVA JH
Gale Green- Gale Red
5:00                  Gale Silver- A-Town
Mercer Co FS- PND Frosh
Gale Red- ROWVA JH
5:50                  Peoria Central- Lewistown
                  PND- Knoxville
                  Ridgewood- United
PND Frosh- Orion FS
6:40                  Brimfield- A-Town
Lewistown- Ridgewood
Gale White- Orion FS
Gale Purple- Mercer Co FS
7:30                  Peoria Central- Knoxville
                  PND- Brimfield
Gale Silver- United

Tuesday, June 14
3:20                  Gale White- United FS
Gale Blue- Gale Green
Gale Red- A-Town JH
Knoxville JH- ROWVA JH
4:10                  Gale Gold- Orion
Elmwood- ROWVA
Gale Blue- Knoxville JH
                  Dee-Mack JH- A-Town JH
5:00                  PND- Lewistown
Elmwood FS- United FS
PND FS- Knoxville FS
5:50                  Brimfield- Knoxville
Mon-Rose- Orion
                  Dee-Mack- Elmwood
                  Gale Silver- Mon-Rose FS
6:40                  Gale Black- PND
                  Lewistown- Mercer Co
                  Dee-Mack- ROWVA
                  PND Frosh- Brimfield FS
7:30                  Knoxville- Mercer Co
                  Gale Gray- Brimfield FS
Knoxville FS- PND Frosh
PND FS- Mon-Rose FS
8:20                  Mon-Rose- Brimfield
Gale Silver- PND JV

Thursday, June 16
3:20                  Gale Silver- A-Town FS
Gale White- Lewistown FS
Gale Blue- A-Town JH
                  Gale Green- Gale Red
4:10                  Gale Gold- ROWVA
                  PND FS- Lewistown FS
Gale Green- A-Town JH
United FS- A-Town FS
5:00                  Gale Black- Lewistown
Brimfield- Putnam Co
Gale Silver- PND FS
United FS- Orion FS
5:50                  Washington- Stillman Val
PND- A-Town
Lewistown FS- PND Frosh
Gale Gray- Orion FS
6:40                  Brimfield- Ridgewood
Lewistown- ROWVA
Knoxville- Putnam Co
                  Gale White- PND Frosh
7:30                  Gale Black- Washington
                  PND- Stillman Valley
Lewistown- Galva
8:20                  Knoxville- Ridgewood
                  Galva- A-Town

Friday, June 17
9:00                  Gale Silver- Galva
9:50                  Gale Black- Stillman Valley
Rock Falls- Brimfield
                  A-Town FS- Rock Falls FS
10:40                  Gale Gold- A-Town
                  Knoxville- Cent SE
                  Putnam Co- Galva
11:30                  Brimfield- Stillman Valley
                  Rock Falls- Knoxville
                  Rock Falls FS- Cent SE FS
12:20                  Gale Black- Cent SE
A-Town- Putnam Co
Cent SE FS- A-Town FS
1:10                  Knoxville- Stillman Valley 
                Rock Falls- Cent SE
                  Gale White- Rock Falls FS

Tuesday, June 21
3:20                  Gale Silver- Knoxville FS
Gale Gray- United FS
Gale Green- ROWVA JH
Gale Red- Knoxville JH
4:10                  Gale Gold- Mercer Co
Elmwood FS- Knoxville FS
Gale Blue- ROWVA JH
Gale Gray- Mercer Co FS
5:00                  Lewistown- Elmwood
Knoxville- ROWVA
Orion- Galva
United FS- Brimfield FS
5:50                  Gale Black- Brimfield
Mon-Rose- Lewistown
                  Mercer Co FS- Elmwod FS
Gale Purple- Knoxville JH
6:40                  Gale Silver- ROWVA
Knoxville- Orion
Elmwood- Galva
Mon-Rose FS- Brimfield FS
7:30                  Gale Black- Mon-Rose
Brimfield- Mercer Co
Gale White- Mon-Rose FS

Thursday, June 23
4:10                  Ottawa- Knoxville
                  Gale Silver- Orion FS
                  Gale Blue- Gale Green
5:00                  Gale Gold- Knoxville
Ottawa- Peoria Central
Gale W/G- A-Town FS
                  Gale Green- ROWVA JH
5:50                  Brimfield- A-Town
                  Knoxville- Galva
                  Orion FS- United FS
Gale Red- ROWVA JH
6:40                  Gale Black- Peoria Central
                  Brimfield- ROWVA
                  A-Town FS- United FS
7:30                  Ottawa- A-Town
                  ROWVA- Galva

    Tuesday, June 28
2:30                  Gale Blue- A-Town JH
                  ROWVA JH- Knoxville JH
3:20                  Gale White- Mercer Co FS
Knoxville FS- United FS
                  Gale Red- Gale Blue
                  Gale Green- Knoxville JH
4:10                  Lewistown- Orion
                  United- ROWVA
Elmwood- Ridgewood
                  A-Town JH- ROWVA JH
5:00                  Gale Black- Knoxville
                  Mon-Rose- Brimfield
Gale Silver- Galva
                  Elmwood FS- United FS
5:50                  Gale Gold- Ridgewood
                  Knoxville- Mercer Co
                  Orion- ROWVA
                  Knoxville FS- Mon-Rose FS
6:40                  Brimfield- Lewistown
                  Elmwood- Mercer Co
                  Galva- United
Lewistwn FS- MonRose FS
7:30                  PND- Mon-Rose
                  Gale Silver- Brimfield FS
                  PND FS- Mercer Co FS
Gale Gray- PND Frosh
8:20                  Gale Black- PND
                  PND FS- Brimfield FS
                  Gale Silver- Lewistown FS
Knoxville FS- PND Frosh

·       Wicall is just northeast of GHS.
·       Field House is north of GHS football field.
·       18 minute halves with running clock. Clock stops for time outs, injuries, and last minute of games with score within 10 points.
·       1 time out per half, which are not cumulative.
·       No overtimes- games end in ties.
·       Substitution during deadballs only.
·       Teams may play any defense and may press. No pressing if up 20 points.
·       Each team must supply own basketballs.
·       FT rules same as HS rules.
Insurance- Coaches are responsible to make sure players have suitable insurance.
Injuries- Coaches are responsible for the care and treatment of their player’s injuries.
Refunds- No refunds will be made once the schedule is sent out.
League Philosophy- This is an instructional league. The focus should be on skill development and team improvement. Yelling at refs by players, coaches, or fans will not be tolerated.
Referees- Referees will be a combination of certified officials and college students training to become certified officials.
Fans- Bleachers are limited- fans should bring lawn chairs.
Fieldhouse- only water is permitted. No Gatorade, No Pop, No Food- No Exceptions.  FH is north of football field.

Galesburg Girls Summer League
(Revised- May 25)
Location of games determined by order listed:
1st Listed= Field House East
2nd Listed= Field House West
3rd Listed= Wicall West
4th Listed= Wicall East

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