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Friday, October 18, 2013

The followong is from Proactive Coaching.....

What do your parents do at games that really make you feel great and proud to have them present?

  • ·         Cheer for everyone on the team, not just certain players
  • ·         Just having them there tells me that it was worth my time
  • ·         Support us win or lose
  • ·         Not getting on the refs, players or coaches
  • ·         Support me even when I am not playing much
  • ·         Cheering and encouraging at appropriate times in a civilized manner
  • ·         Cheer for us, but not too much
  • ·         Remember that we choose to play for fun and everybody is trying their best
  • ·         Don’t be too hard on your kid – give them some room to grow, but stay by their side to help them grow up

    What do your parents or other parents do at games that make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable?

  • ·         Argue with the ref – it is annoying for everyone
  • ·         Try to coach the coach
  • ·         Discouraging comments to players
  • ·         Yell at you when you are trying to concentrate
  • ·         Criticizing athletes or coaches, calling them by name
  • ·         Yelling advice makes me play worse
  • ·         Cheering if the other team makes a mistake
  • ·         When parents boo
  • ·         Telling me what I need to do better when they don’t know how to play the game
  • ·         I feel sorry for my teammates whose parents yell at them.  When I play, my job is to listen to the coach, not my parents.
  • ·         When they don’t agree with a call, they yell, “come on” or “what was that?” etc.
  • ·         Let me be who I am, let me enjoy myself out on the court and don’t try to improve my game with your negativity

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