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Friday, October 18, 2013

Proactive Coaching

As a coach I enjoy finding resources which help me better understand coaching from the mental and emotional side. Basically I am looking for material which helps me try to make the experience for the athlete more and more educational- help the athlete use sports to prepare for life.

As a parent, the same things are true. I find as a parent it is difficult not to become obsessed with the outcome for my son-- things like what place does he take, what time does he run?  As a parent, I want to see my son rewarded, but the outcomes are not as important as the process.

Is he developing a good work ethic?
Is he learning to be a "team player"?
Is he developing goal setting abilities?

These are the "skills" which will serve him in adulthood.

I have come across a site which I find very helpful as both a coach and as a parent. The site is "Proactive Coaching." My view is that this site is focused on helping parents, coaches, and players use sports as an educational process. If you are on facebook, I would highly recommend you start following Proactive Coaching!!

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