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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wins Produced

The following is ranking of players with stat of wins produced...

Advanced statistics have made quite a bit of headway in the basketball world over the past couple of years.  However, the general public, NBA pundits, and NBA front offices still tend to fawn over players that score a lot of points, regardless of how efficient they are.  Which is why a player like Carmelo Anthony, who the advanced stat Wins Produced ranks as the seventh (!!) top producer on his own team, will get plenty of MVP votes this year.  So, as an alternative to the traditional NBA awards that will be presented over the coming weeks, we thought we'd reveal The Wins Produced NBA Award Winners, based on the Wins Producedstats housed on The NBA Geek website.  The envelopes, please.

MVP: Kevin Durant - 20.6 Wins
It was a close one, but Durantula edges out The King for the MVP due to his 241 more minutes spent on the hardwood this season.

Rookie of the Year: Andre Drummond - 7.9 Wins
Nope - not Damian Lillard, and not Anthony Davis - the ROY goes to the Pistons' Andre Drummond, whose rebounding, block, and steal numbers were out of this world.
Sixth Man: Jimmy Butler - 10.6 wins
The Bulls' super-sub had a breakout sophomore campaign and helped the Derrick Rose-less squad into the playoffs.
First Team All-NBA

Chris Paul - 16.7 wins
James Harden - 13.6 wins
Kevin Durant - 20.6 wins
LeBron James - 20.0 wins
Tyson Chandler - 13.2 wins

No huge surprises on the first team, as all five players were All-Stars this season and are widely viewed as elite players.

Second Team All-NBA

Stephen Curry - 11.3 wins
Mike Conley- 11.1 wins
Serge Ibaka - 11.5 wins
Kenneth Faried - 10.7 wins
Joakim Noah - 11.4 wins

Curry,Noah and Ibaka probably have a good shot at making it onto one of the real All-NBA teams this year, but the other two really have no hope.  But Conley killed it in steals this season, and was above average in pretty much every other category for a point guard.  Faried, meanwhile, is a monster on the glass, gets you above average defensive stats (blocks and steals) and is a very efficient scorer.
Third Team All-NBA

Dwyane Wade - 10.9 wins
Jose Calderon - 10.5 wins
Jimmy Butler - 10.6 wins
Andrei Kirilenko - 10.6 wins
Marc Gasol - 10.1 wins

Wade and Gasol won't raise many eyebrows, but the other three members of The Wins Produced Third Team All-NBA certainly will.  There is the aforementioned Butler, who is an efficient scorer and very importantly takes care of the ball (almost half the turnover rate of other small forwards) and doesn't foul (once again, almost half as often as other small forwards).  AK47, despite missing significant time this year, crushed the average small forward numbers for rebounding, assists, steals, blocks and shooting efficiency.  And Calderon was his usual self, despite the midseason upheaval of being traded twice - his assist and shooting numbers were off the chart, and he took care of the ball.
If you want to know how they figure "wins produced", get your college stats book out and start reading this website..


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