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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Men's Team Told No to Going to Women's Game

Louisville had intended to fly the men's team to New Orleans to support the women's team. The NCAA stepped in and said no....

It’s a big week for Louisville basketball, with both the men and women’s teams in the NCAA title game. The men’s team just claimed the championship title last night, but they have been told by the NCAA that the men’s team cannot fly to New Orleans to watch the women chase the same title.

Rick Pitino is currently in New Orleans to cheer on the women’s team, but his players won’t be joining him. The NCAA ruled it would be “an improper benefit” for Louisville to fly the men’s team to New Orleans to see the women play. Technically, the ruling is that the players cannot travel to NOLA on Louisville or Pitino’s dime.
After Louisville’s thrilling 82-76 victory over Michigan on Monday night, the NCAA informed Pitino that the men were not allowed to travel unless they paid their own way, because it was “an extra benefit” for the women. Exactly how support from the sideline is an unfair advantage was not explained.

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