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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Shooting- I was asked after the game if I was surprised how we came out offensively. The reality is that I have been surprised how we had played offensively the first 4 games. I get to see the girls a lot in the off-season and then in the preseason practices. I know we are not going to come out on fire every game, but from what I see in practice- last night is more typical of how we practice than the first four games are.

Making Reads- It is easy on the sideline to see the game and sometimes wonder why kids make the choices they make. It is a lot harder to do when you are in the heat of the game. Jessica Lieber did a great job last night reading when to drive and when to shoot. She had 11 points in the fourth quarter.

Making adjustments- vs. Springfield we did a poor job reacting to their press break. For us, the opponents press break is like offensive sets for a mm team. We have to know what is going on and defend it appropriately. Last night the key to our win was when Moline made a press break adjustment, we were able to adjust in the late third quarter. We went from up 3-4 points to a double digit lead in the last minute of the third quarter- capped by Dani Teel's steal and layup.

Unselfish- The girls have been very unselfish in their approach. We are playing more players now than we did last year. And sometimes players would like more minutes- but our strength right now is that the players just do their job and are in it for the team.

Knox Players- It was nice to see many of the Knox women's players come to our game last night. And it will be fun to go watch them play tonight.

Alums- It was nice to see two of last year's seniors- Paige Klinck and Myra Diggins at the game last night. Our present players really like that when they get to see their friends and in when their friends come and support them. Thanks!!

Late Night- I have gotten into a ritual after the games. I immediately take the camera down to burn a DVD, get something to eat, and then go back and upload the DVD to our computer site for analysis. Last night I went back about 11:00pm and there was Coach Reynolds. He was in the boys locker room breaking down a game he scouted last night. He was getting it on the computer to show the players this morning at a 7am practice. No wonder he is successful and his teams are always well prepared. Go Streaks!!

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