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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Be Thankful- Great Week of Bball

With all the basketball being played this week in Galesburg, there certainly is a lot to be thankful for!!! Without leaving town, you can see 10 games of bb this week.

Tues- Streaks vs Moline (girls) 530/7pm

Wed- Knox vs Augie (womens) 6pm

         Streaks vs EPeoria (boys) 7:30pm

Fri- Streaks vs Dyett (boys) 1pm
        Streaks vs Westhinghouse (boys) 7pm

Sat- Streaks vs Englewood (boys) 11:30am
        Streaks vs Freeport (girls) 5:30pm
        Streaks vs Limestone (boys) 7pm

Sun- Knox vs Lake Forest (women) 2pm
         Knox vs Lake Forest (men) 4pm

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