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Monday, October 29, 2012

Great Fall

We had a great fall. In terms of self-improvement and strength/conditioning- it was very good. Two things made it especially a good opportunity to improve.

#1- We had a huge number of girls involved on a regular basis. We had 9 varsity age players participating in conditioning and open gyms. Of those 9, none of them missed more than two sessions from mid-August thru today. We also had another 10 frosh-soph players who participated regularly. So in open gyms, the girls had an opportunity to actually scrimmage and have meaningful scrimmages.

#2- We had four seniors who were not out for a fall sport and worked out this fall. Chloe Anderson, Allison Mangieri, Rainee Sibley, and Dani Teel were tremendous role models for the other players with their commitment and work ethic. Early on they indicated they wanted to be pushed in the fall. Two or three days per week, they did the Insanity Workouts. And they are an intense workout. As a result, I think we enter the season stronger and in better shape than we ever have.

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