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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Around the Corner- Mon Oct 29

The start of the high school season is around the corner. The first IHSA girls basketball practices can begin on Monday, October 29.

We had a very good summer- large numbers of participants and very committed players. As our enrollement at GHS continues to go down, our numbers in girls basketball have continued to go up.

This past week, we gave girls an opportunity to order basketball shoes. We had over 40 girls from freshmen thru senior who ordered shoes. It is exciting to see such a large number of girls interested in playing this winter.

Our numbers have also been good this fall in open gyms and the weight room. We regularly have 20-25 girls come to play, to shoot, and to get stronger.

On the varsity age level, we have 9 players who are not out for a fall sport and have been working out. Their commitment has been outstanding, and you can see where they feed off of each other. It is a lot harder to work hard when you turn and see how hard your teammates are working.

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