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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Most & Least Popular

Our survey results, I find several things interesting.....

1- The majority of our top sports in the Olympics are sports which we probably NEVER watch one minute of during the next four years.

2- In every case, our survey indicates people preferred the women's version of each sport over the men's version.

3- Some sports are influenced by NBC's manipulation of us in their programming. A classic example was with women's volleyball where only part of the championship match were shown.

Most popular things to watch in the Olympics were.....
1- Women's Track
2- Women's Beach Volleyball
3- Men's Track
4- Women's Swimming
5- Men's Swimming
6- Women's Basketball
7- Women's Gymnastics
8- Women's Soccer
9- Men's Basketball
10- Women's Volleyball

Least Want as a Teammate
1- Usain Bolt (personally I would love to have him on my relay)
2- Kobe Bryant
3- Hope Solo (always seems to say something disruptive)
4- Michael Phelps (sure seems like the top male swimmers are becoming ego problems)

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