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Friday, August 10, 2012

Kevin Eastman- Bullet Basketball

Another great essay by Kevin Eastman.

"Bullet" Basketball

An ongoing exercise for me is to find ways to “tighten up” my thoughts on the game.  I came up with a term a number of years ago -- “bullet basketball."  It's a process I use to try to put everything that I would ever teach into 3 or 4 bullet points, i.e. points that are easy for the player to digest and remember.

For example, when teaching screening I use three key bullets:          
·      take your screen to the cutter’s defender
·      can’t get low enough or wide enough
·      put your back to the area of attack

For shooting, I use:          
·      be ready on the catch
·      10 toes to the rim
·      perfect follow through – up and over front of rim

There are so many ways to teach this game, but I have found the best way to get points across to players today is to be simple and direct.  Of course, within each of these “bullet points” are explanations that need to be made to the player.  Once these are made and understood, I have a quick and easy vocabulary to use when working with the player or team.

I encourage you to put some thought to this as the summer winds down.  It’s a great exercise, and not quite as easy as you would think.  I know this: players like things simple!

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