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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Strength Workouts on Your Own

There is no excuse for not getting stronger. Sometimes athletes who are out for 2-3 sports fail to work to get stronger and become a better athlete. If you are out for a sport where you do not get into the weight room, you need to develop your own program.

Successful athletes are focused not just on skill development but on becoming a better stronger, athlete. Your strength as an athlete determines your ceiling as a basketball player.

The following are some things athletes can do on their own to build strength--

Pushup & Situps Routine
·      16 pushups
o   If you cannot do 16, stop and then continue until you get to 16.
·      10 perfect situps
o   Hands on ears, elbows straight out and cannot move.
·      12 pushups
·      10 Straight Legged Lifts w/ Ball Between Ankles
o   Lay on back with ball between your ankles.
o   Try to keep legs straight and bring legs up so 90 degrees with floor.
o   Lower the ball back but don’t touch the floor.
·      8 pushups
·      10 perfect situps
·      4 Pushups
·      10 Straight Legged Lifts w/ Ball Between Ankles

Home Lifting Program
·      Do 3 sets of the following exercises.
o   10 Pushups (Traditional)
o   20 sec. Plank
o   10 Pushups (Feet in Chair)
o   20 Backpack Lifts
§  Fill back pack w 20-30 lbs of books
§  Start w Backpack below waist, bring it up, and extend over your head.
o   20 Squats w/ Backpack held to chest.
§  Go low and slow.

YMCA (or Wt Room) 15 Minute Program
·      Mini-Circuit (3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise)
o   10 reps- Bench Press
o   10 reps- Row
o   10 reps- Military Press

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