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Friday, October 21, 2011

Energy, Energy, Energy

While I am anxious to get started with practices, it is really great to be in a college town where you get to go watch practices for two weeks before you get started. I have had an opportunity to watch both Knox men and women teams practice this week. I am always impressed with how much energy DIII teams bring to practice.

Tonight I got to watch the women as they put in their version of the Grinnell attack. Watching them in practice it is obvious that they have great enthusiasm for what they are doing. Our version and their version are a little different but I was able to pick up a couple drills tonight that will be great for us. The main thing I saw in practice was what I think the System has brought to GHS- the players are so much more connected and there is so much energy in everything they do. I am excited to watch them as they go into their season.

Coach Purlee has 25+ plus players at his practices.  It has been really, really fun watching them get started. Coach Mike Dashner is going to be a huge addition to the Prairie Fire. He brings enthusiasm and energy. Everyday he had the post players sweating with individual workouts before the practice even began.

Coach Purlee's style is not Grinnell, they are working on solid man to man defense. But the part that is great for a high school coach is watching all the skill development drills that a college coach goes through. I am very anxious to use some of the drills that Knox uses on a regular basis to develop individual offensive skills. It has been a clinic this week going to Knox men's practices. I easily have picked up a dozen new drills.

I am anxious to see some of the new freshmen as they fit into things along with some established players. I have had the opportunity to have Tanner Carlson, the Prairie Fire point guard as my student teacher. So I know not only am I anxious to see Knox play this winter but I am confident some of our GHS students will too.

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