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Friday, August 26, 2011

New Face on the Wall

Jessica Howard goes up right next to Taylor Young.
We put pictures of our All-State players on the wall. Jessica Howard just went up. She is the 22nd GHS player to earn all-state honors as being one of the top 50 players in Illinois. The last All-State player at GHS was Taylor Young in 2008. The three years between Young and Howard represents the longest gap for the Streaks since 1984 to 1989. The year listed is the graduation year of our all-state players, some of them were all-state more than their senior year.

The players have input into the picture they would like. Jessica's picture is
shooting a three vs. Canton her junior year. Her comment was,"That will be
good because it is also your 700th win." Good shooter & thoughtful!!

Cookie Rosine    1980
Amy Crisman      1981
Debbie Roberts   1984
Shannon Johnson 1989
Melissa Cadwell  1990
Tifany Sibley        1992
Ann Henderson    1993
Bonny Apsey       1995
Stef Mitchell        1995
Sara Wood          1996
Molly Watson      1997
Sarah Larson       1999
Megan Pacheco   2000
Jaque Howard     2000
Sarah Pacheco    2001
Shannon Williams 2002
Amanda Gunther  2003
Jenna Bicego       2004
Latoya Wright     2005
Brenna Saline      2007
Taylor Young      2008
Jessica Howard   2011

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