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Friday, July 22, 2011

Volunteers at Relay for Life

18 players and coaches volunteered to help this morning with the set up for the Relay for Life at Knox College. Paige Klinck took charge and did a nice job organizing players and coaches to help. The team helped setting up the stage, chairs, and the bags for the luminaries. The girls definitely got a lot done. Proud of their willingness to give of their time and even more proud of the spirit they had as they worked. Job well done for a good cause.
Job is done!!

Filling up the bags with two cups of sand.

The "brains" of the operation, 

My family went down at 10pm- very impresive sight with luminaries
and then Old Main lit in background.

A lap around the luminaries with the names on the bags.

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  1. Thanks to Paige, Evan, the assistant coaches and all the players for coming out and volunteering. You all embody a positive team spirit that is so gratifying to see! Thank you all!
    Anne Giffey